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Parents come up with the best ideas: customize your Chewbeads teethers!

Parents come up with the best ideas: customize your Chewbeads teethers!

Have you tried Chewbeads yet? These adorable, hip, bold-and-bright necklaces and bracelets double as accessories for Mom and teethers to entertain your baby, and they’re made with safe, soft silicone that’s easy to clean. Obviously we love ‘em.

But it gets even better! Our eagle-eyed baby gear experts are always on the prowl for cool ideas, and Alayna at our Boston store reported to us that her family has found another way to make Chewbeads even more fun for babies and convenient for parents:

cute baby with chewbeads teethersI got a couple of Chewbeads necklaces for my brother’s 8-month-old a few months ago. And today at her baptism, I was SO glad to see her gnawing on them like crazy! This is no surprise to us, of course, for we are all aware of the awesomeness that is Chewbeads, but she would NOT put ’em down! (Just gotta say, I’m the best aunt ever. Boom.)

But I HAVE to give some credit to her parents now, because they showed me some crazy innovation that makes Chewbeads BETTER than best, if you can believe it. They put all of her teething rings on the Chewbeads! Chewbeads can be used to thread your child’s teething rings together, however you please, making the ULTIMATE customizable teething experience.

Here are some reasons why threading your teething rings on your Chewbeads necklaces is a GREAT idea:

  1. It makes the teething rings harder for the child to drop and lose! 
  2. Make the ULTIMATE teething accessory that can be arranged however the parent likes!
  3. Great for storage! Keep the child’s teething accessories all-in-one!
  4. Makes your child’s teething rings just as wearable as the Chewbeads themselves!

And. MORE. The possibilities. Are. ENDLESS.

Is that clever or what? And we bet you can come up with zillions of other cool ways to make your Chewbeads even better. Share your ideas in the comments below!

(And: Chewbeads are a GREAT gift for any stylish expectant mama – find ‘em on our site or in any Magic Beans store and make sure you bring some to the next baby shower you attend!)


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