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Paleo Passover is easy… and delicious!

Paleo Passover is easy… and delicious!

blog_logoHave you been wondering about the Paleo diet (and, perhaps, how to get your kids on board)? Sheri, the co-owner of Magic Beans, shared a bit about her family’s Paleo diet on Kveller, and some links to fantastic recipes that are perfect for Passover. A few Paleo basics:

  • The Paleo diet means avoiding grains, legumes, soy, dairy, or refined sugar. This is good news for your waistline, and will make the meat-eating enthusiasts in your home very happy.
  •  The Paleo diet reduces inflammation in the body, in part by eliminating a lot of common allergens, and is especially good for folks with assorted digestive issues, including celiac disease.
  •  No seeds? No non-Kosher meats? Your Paleo meal is Kosher for Passover!

The main issue for Paleo eaters during Passover is that matzah, the flat bread that’s the main food and symbol of the holiday, is pretty much the opposite of Paleo (it’s made with flour and water). But that’s ok: Sheri’s Kveller article provides a great overview of absolutely delicious-looking recipes that cover a wide range of paleo dishes, from big ol’ hunks of meat cooked to perfection, to baked goods that utilize healthy substitutions so cleverly you’ll never notice what you’re missing. You can even make a fabulous facsimile of Matzo Ball Soup  – and really, Matzo Ball Soup is not optional when Passover is concerned (at least in my family!). Whether you’re going full-scale Paleo or just trying to lower your consumption of non-Paleo foods, and whether you do Passover or not, these recipes are a great way to make your diet healthier (and yummier).

And now, if you’ll excuse me, looking at the pictures of this recipe is making me crave lemon bars, so I have to stop writing and go find out where I can get one.

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