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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Orbit Toddler Car Seat

Orbit Toddler Car Seat

Orbit Toddler Car Seat

When Orbit Baby was launched, they promised to reinvent the travel system from top to bottom, and they also promised to extend the concept of the travel system beyond the common boundaries of the infant car seat.

With the Orbit Infant System, they effectively fulfilled promise #1. The system has been a great success, with rave reviews from parents and car seat installation technicians. But what of promise #2?

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but the Orbit Toddler Car Seat will be released at the end of February. I’ve had a sneak peek at this new seat, and I’m thrilled to be posting some of the first pictures and in-depth information to appear online. I’ve always been a fan of this product and of the people behind it, and I’m just so excited that they’re about to cross this major milestone. In doing so, they will be addressing the most prevalent shortcoming of the classic travel system – longevity.

The Orbit Toddler Car Seat can be installed into a car rear facing or forward facing. In the rear-facing position, the seat can be installed with or without the Orbit Base, and the seat is designed to keep children rear-facing for as long as possible – from 20 15 – 35 lbs! Front-facing, the seat is installed using Braces (supportive pieces that connect on each side of the seat to ensure a secure installation) instead of the Orbit Base, and it can hold a child from 20 – 49 50 lbs, and up to 49″ tall.

The Toddler Car Seat was designed to include all the latest advancements in safety. The foam is EPP foam, a higher grade, softer and more durable material than the standard EPS foam. There’s extensive side-impact protection and an adjustable head rest.

For convenience, the upholstery can be fully removed for washing without needing to remove the harness straps. Like the Infant Car Seat, the Toddler Car Seat rotates on the Orbit Base, making it easy to take it in and out of the car. The Toddler Car Seat is fully compatible with the rest of the Orbit Infant System, meaning that it can dock onto the stroller and bassinet rocker.

The seat itself is sleek enough, but it is obvious that the primary consideration behind the design was safety and functionality. As it should be.

Finally, the Orbit Baby identity is green, but it’s more than just a color for this company. They are proud of their commitment to sustainability and using environmentally safe materials and practices. The Toddler Car Seat is PVC-free, and all fabrics have been extensively tested to ensure that they are free of harmful chemicals. In fact, most of the fabrics used are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified.

The Toddler Car Seat will have an MSRP of $300, and the package will include the car seat, the braces and a UV-protective sunshade.

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