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Orbit goes G2

Orbit goes G2

zev_orbitg2“Concept strollers” were all the rage at the ABC Show, with lots of manufacturers showing off interesting ideas that may or may not come to the market. But while “concept” is the label Orbit Baby is applying to their new G2 product line, I got the impression it’s more a question of “when” than “if.”

The G2 offers some significant improvements to the toddler stroller seat: a full recline, an adjustable footrest, a deeper seat, and a fabulous snack tray, among other things. They’ve also tweaked the stroller frame, giving it a sophisticated (and patent-pending) four-wheel suspension system, redesigning the cupholder and the handlebar adjustment mechanism, and adding front wheel locks. We had a chance to test-drive the new frame with Zev at the convention center and were incredibly impressed by the improved ride. The G2 concept also includes a red color option that was really beautiful.

dsc_0122Orbit has always been a “green” company, both in brand and philosophy, but they’re taking it to the next level by converting completely to Green Certified fabrics throughout their product line. It’s not an inexpensive process for them, but they feel strongly about setting an example for the industry, and creating products that are “safe for us and safe for the planet.” You can read more about Orbit and their commitment to going green on their website.

Their showpiece product, which represents the very best of their new Green Certified fabrics, is a footmuff. The Orbit Green Edition Footmuff uses their new, exclusive OrganicFR fabric, a high-technology amalgamation of some old-fashioned natural textiles. Organic cotton and wool are layered to create a completely natural fabric that manages to be both flame retardant AND chemical-free. The material touching your baby is all organic cotton, while the outer shell fabric is both eco-certified and weather-resistant. It is also completely PVC and phthalate-free. Not to mention gorgeous. The footmuff will come in two sizes, and can be used with any stroller or car seat (not just Orbit). It should be available in December 2009.

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