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Orbit G2 available for preview and preorder

We’re big Orbit Baby fans around here, so we were psyched when Orbit invited us to participate in the pre-launch of their new G2 Infant System and Stroller. Our Brookline and Wellesley stores are among the first stores in the whole country to have an actual G2 available for demonstrations and test-drives, and our web site is now accepting pre-orders.

The G2 was unveiled as a concept stroller at the ABC Show in September, and we loved it. We’re so excited that it’s made the journey from concept to reality in a relatively short time period. The improvements to the suspension, the addition of a snack tray and the complete redesign of the stroller seat are all welcome changes in a product that is already enjoying skyrocketing popularity.

Come to Brookline or Wellesley and take a look or order online.

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