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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Orbit Baby comes full circle

Orbit Baby comes full circle

The first time I met the Orbit Baby team, they had a real vision. They imagined a modular travel system that would encompass every stage of mobility, from infant car seat to stroller to convertible car seat to double stroller to booster seat.

It’s taken them some time, but with their new product releases this year, Orbit Baby will finally have a product in every category. And they’ve succeeded in consistently thinking outside the box while putting a real emphasis on safety and sustainability.

The biggest new release is the Double Helix, an attachment for the Orbit G2 frame that adds a second SmartHub to the frame, outfitting the stroller for 2 car seats, 2 stroller seats, or a combination thereof. Orbit fans have been clamoring  for a double stroller for a long time, and the Double Helix delivers very nicely. It handles surprisingly well, especially considering the length of the stroller in the double configuration, and the SmartHub attachments enable you to turn the seats sideways to make it easier to get the kids strapped in.

The Double Helix makes two other changes to the G2 frame. It alters the handlebars of the stroller, converting them to a single pushbar, which can both pivot and telescope to find a comfortable position. It trades out the cargo pod for a true basket.

The Double Helix will either come right out of the box as a double stroller, featuring a very snazzy black G2 frame, or it will come as a kit to adapt an existing G2 frame.

Fun fact: The Double Helix also has a spot to put an iPad, in case the kids need some entertainment on the go.

Orbit Baby also debuted a belt-positioning booster seat, which uses safe Oeko-Tex certified fabrics. The seat also features fold-away rigid LATCH connectors and a cup holder. There’s side-impact protection, assisted by EPP foam.

Preemie parents will be glad to hear that Orbit Baby has a new Low Birth Weight kit. It is free to anyone who has purchased an Orbit Infant Car Seat – just call Orbit Baby customer service and they will ship it out free of charge.

Lastly, Orbit is making some updates to their Toddler Car Seat. They’ve improved the harness and buckle, made the side bolsters and headrest both deeper, and they’ve added durable ballistic nylon to the outer shell. They’ve also sewn magnets into the sides of the seat to trap and hold the buckles so they don’t get in the way while the child gets into the seat.

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