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Orbit almost landing…

We had a chance to check in with our friends at Orbit Baby today and play with the actual production samples of the Orbit Infant System. All I can say is it’s really going to be worth the wait. We’re told that we should have stock to sell by the end of June or first week of July. The final version is really nice. A bit heavier than originally planned, but still very managable. The fold is incredible – it even rivals the simplicity of the Inglesina Zippy. The car seat is just fabulous, plush, cozy and comfortable to carry. The safety considerations were obviously paramount, and there are so many thoughtful details, I can’t even remember them all. We’re also hearing that the first celebrities have had a sneak preview of the Orbit, and the response was just tremendous.

In the meantime, today Orbit launched their new website, with lots of great, recent pictures and plenty of information about the Infant System. There’s a lot of “Coming Soon” still, but their team is really charging forward, and based on what we’ve seen so far, it’s only going to get cooler from here.

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