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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Old classic, new classic: The Nuna Mixx Stroller vs. the Bugaboo Cameleon Stroller

Old classic, new classic: The Nuna Mixx Stroller vs. the Bugaboo Cameleon Stroller


The stroller world is filled with both breakout stars and ever-constant icons. Nuna has debuted their brand new multi-terrain stroller – the Nuna Mixx – that has quickly risen to compete against some of the most coveted strollers like the Bugaboo Cameleon Stroller, the epitome of Dutch design. Since both brands do an impeccable job on design, efficiency, and style, I’ve decided to compare these two strollers for you.


The Bugaboo Cameleon3

If you’ve done even a little stroller research online, you’ve probably encountered the Bugaboo Cameleon. It’s basically the Blake Lively of strollers. Everyone knows about her, wants to be her, and tries to copy her positively perfect homemaking tactics, but you know – who can compare? She is the Bugaboo Cameleon – sleek, fashionable, and seemingly untouchable.

cameleon aliThe Cameleon is designed to accommodate your child through infancy into toddlerhood (37.5lbs), with a posh bassinet that easily converts into a toddler seat, which can face towards or away from you while you stroll. The bassinet is also sleep-safe! This standard means that you can purchase the Bugaboo Bassinet Stand and use the stroller bassinet as your primary bassinet throughout early infancy.

The new 2015 Bugaboo Cameleon has an updated 5-point harness with a white button (in classic Bugaboo fashion) in the center for an easy release, and updated straps around the children’s hips that grow with them. The seat also has three points of recline and an extendable canopy that zips out if you want more coverage. All fabrics are machine-washable for an easy clean. There is also a nicely sized storage basket included, and a handbrake instead of a foot brake, which minimizes problems if you plan on wearing flip-flops.

In terms of the actual hardware design of the stroller, you can choose from a polished aluminum or a more minimal all-black frame, which really makes some color pairings pop. The reversible handlebar allows you to put the large wheels to the front or back of the stroller (very helpful on rough terrain), and the Cameleon has the ability to be dragged on its large back tires, so that if you need to get across a sand dune or over a snowdrift, your baby will have a smooth journey. The telescoping handlebar is adjustable for parents of all heights. You have to take the seat or bassinet off the frame to fold it, but this means that the pieces you’ll be throwing into the car or walking up the stairs will be very light as the complete stroller only weighs 21 pounds.

One of my favorite features on a Bugaboo stroller is their suspension, which is something that is sometimes overlooked when parents begin the stroller researching process, but that makes a huge difference in the quality and longevity of your stroller. I’ve personally helped customers with 10-year-old Cameleons, which have carried their kids as well as their friends’ kids, and along with the high-quality materials, the suspension really contributes to this. There is exposed suspension on the foam-filled rubber front wheels, and it absorbs shock from bumpy sidewalks, sand, ice, and gravel.


The Nuna Mixx

The Mixx is the Jennifer Lawrence of strollers. She’s new, she’s fun, she’s real – she likes her cake and eats it too. She’s most definitely good at what she does, and she’s relatable. For once, “Stars, they’re just like us!” makes sense.

Here’s a quick look at the Mixx in action:

The Nuna Mixx is similar to the Cameleon in that it also accommodates your child from infancy until they’re done strolling (max weight capacity 50 pounds). The seat can face towards you and away from you – with 5 recline positions – and the recline is very flat, making it infant-ready when the seat is facing towards you and fully reclined. You can unbuckle the bottom of the seat fabric and re-position it to create a “cocoon” for your infant that is not quite a bassinet but is flat enough to be suitable for your newborn’s development.

The Mixx has a five-point harness and extendable canopy that zips open – similar to the Cameleon – with side ventilation. Fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified, which means they are tested for a wide range of toxins and made with all natural and organic materials, meeting superb safety standards. Store all of your swag in the roomy under-storage basket – big enough to fit your diaper bag, groceries, or small dog.

The hardware of the Mixx is a sturdy aluminum frame with a telescoping handlebar, and a compact fold with the seat facing either towards or away from you. The fold is a huge advantage for the Mixx! When folded, the Mixx rolls around on its wheels, which means the fabric will never get dirty from the floor. You can also pull the folded stroller along like a suitcase, which means that going up a few steps to your front door or rolling over rougher terrain won’t be a problem. The Mixx also has a quick one-handed release to open it back up again. Weighing in at only a bit over 25 pounds (24.9 pounds without the belly bar or canopy), this new stroller is a great alternative to some heavier multi-terrain strollers.

The Mixx can also match the Cameleon on suspension: it also has exposed suspension on the back tires, which makes for a smoother ride over multiple types of terrain. All four tires are rubber with durable foam filling, and the flip-flop friendly foot brake by the rear axle is a favorite of mine.



In my opinion, the Bugaboo Cameleon and Nuna Mixx are both amazing strollers; your choice just depends on your lifestyle, price point, and what you’re looking for in terms of versatility. With a drastic price difference between the two strollers, it’s important to weigh your options. Blake is expensive, sleek, and made with proven perfection. JLaw is versatile, close to half the price, down to earth, but still polished and trendy enough to steal the spotlight. Chat with one of our sales reps if you have any questions, or set up a stroller consultation in one of our stores to test them out. May the best stroller win!

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