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Object of desire

Object of desire

JoolzThis new stroller, the Joolz, caught a lot of people’s attention. It’s an interesting cross between the bugaboo and the Stokke Xplory. The visual design elements are similar to the bugaboo, but it has a higher seat and an adjustable footrest, like the Xplory. It’s very cool looking and handles nicely. The prototypes were very heavy, which the company recognizes is an issue. It can be folded with the seat on or off. Unlike many bugaboo knockoffs, this stroller seems to have its own agenda, and also some of the best quality finishes that we’ve seen.

The Joolz team seems to be either the same or related to the Firstwheels team, and we also had another look at the Firstwheels twin stroller. This is pretty much a double bugaboo concept. The newest model is much narrower than previous versions, apparently coming in at under 30”, though we didn’t have a tape measure to confirm that. It handles really nicely, and the seats can be positioned to face forward or rear. You can also use a bassinet on one or both sides. It’s a great design that seems to be well-executed. I’m hoping they will make the journey to the US market. If they do it right, both of these could be very popular here.

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