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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Nuna Pipa vs Clek Liing 2019 | Infant Car Seat Comparison

Nuna Pipa vs Clek Liing 2019 | Infant Car Seat Comparison

Nuna PIPA and Clek Liing car seats

Infant Car Seat Comparison: Nuna Pipa vs Clek Liing 2019

Move over Foonf and Fllo, our Canadian companion has finally released their first infant car seat and it is quite remarkable. The Clek Liing Infant Car Seat will be available come Spring 2019 and there is so much to share in regards to its stunning features. Recently, the Nuna Pipa has been one of the most popular infant car seats within the US market due to its light weight and exterior features. Many are wondering if the Liing will take the Pipa’s place in reigning over the infant car seat market and will be crowned the new go-to infant seat.


In any amount of infant car seat research, expectant parents are guaranteed to cross paths with the Nuna Pipa. The Pipa is one of the lightest infant car seats currently offered weighing 9.8 pounds, including canopy and infant insert. This is a significant advantage when compared to the weight of the Cybex Cloud Q, another popular infant car seat, which is almost 14 pounds. This is not to say that weight is the sole determinant when purchasing your ideal infant seat, however it’s just one of the main factors to be considered.

The Pipa steals many hearts due to its unique Dream Drape feature, signature to Nuna. The Dream Drape provides additional coverage and is built in to the Pipa’s canopy through a zipper lining. The Drape can be magnetized to the front of the seat to promote an increased amount of UV protection while maintaining breathability through its mesh sides. The Pipa’s installation base is significant in its makeup as Nuna, being European, incorporated a stability leg option. The stability leg reduces movement by up to 90% in a forward impact and can reduce the risk of head injury by up to 33%.

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Many customers have concerns in regards to the Pipa’s ability to connect to a variety of stroller brands, not just Nuna’s line up. The Pipa can connect to any stroller that offers a “Maxi Cosi Peg Adapter”. Some popular examples include the UPPAbaby Vista, Silver Cross Wave and Cybex Priam. Beginning with 2019 models, the Pipa will now feature fire retardant free fabric, which is additionally ultra cozy and soft!

The Clek Liing has been introduced as exceeding US and Canadian safety standards and promoting its minimal 9 pound weight. If you are new to the Clek brand, they are certainly remarkable. All of their seats are designed and assembled within Canada and offer an interior steel framework. Taking a page out of Nuna’s book, Clek chose to include a stability leg in design of the Liing’s base which provides energy absorption and anti-rotation in collision. The Liing’s carry handle is ergonomically constructed for maximum comfort when carrying baby either in hand or mid arm.

Clek has also included their version of fire retardant free fabric branded as their Mammoth collection. Their Mammoth fabric is constructed with Merino Wool which, in addition to being chemical free, is naturally temperature regulating. As an alternative option, Clek also offers their signature Crypton fabric, which promotes protection against stains, moisture, and odor. Crypton fabric is signature to Clek and is featured as an option on all of their car seats.

The Pipa and Liing are strong competitors and promote similar strengths. A main concept to consider, and one that I have been asked about plenty, is European Belt Path eligibility. The Pipa and Liing both offer European Belt Path compatibility, which means they can be installed safely and properly without the base by using the seat belt. This is especially imperative for expectant parents who use taxis or ride sharing apps on a weekly to monthly basis.

The Pipa and Liing offer a lengthy expiration date of seven years after the date of purchase, in comparison to the Chicco Key Fit 30 which offers six years. A great incentive Clek offers is their Car Seat Recycling Program. I always make it a priority to stress to established parents to recycle their car seat after use and for expectant parents to buy new rather than used. An infant car seat is a critical piece in the process of travel and you want to ensure that your little one is actively protected.

A lightweight, incredibly versatile infant car seat is always preferable when choosing what’s best for you and your bundle of joy. Between the Nuna Pipa and Clek Liing, you cannot go wrong!

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