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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Nuna Mixx2 vs UPPAbaby Vista 2017 Stroller (comparison | reviews | ratings | prices)

Nuna Mixx2 vs UPPAbaby Vista 2017 Stroller (comparison | reviews | ratings | prices)


Both shining brands at Magic Beans, you’ve come to expect excellence from Nuna and UPPAbaby. The Nuna Mixx2 and the UPPAbaby Vista 2017 are top contenders for city parents. Since urban parents use their stroller as often as a car, they rely on high quality gear to provide durability and a smooth ride. Both the Mixx2 and the UPPAbaby Vista offer just that. Let’s take a closer look at them!

The seat on the Nuna Mixx 2 is infant ready with a full recline. To make the UPPAbaby Vista infant ready, you’ll have to purchase a snug seat insert. But the Vista does come with a bassinet that you could cart your newborn around in. So both strollers allow you to transport your infant without a car seat. However, if you’re a city parent with limited storage space, you might not want the extra bassinet and prefer an infant ready seat.

Both strollers fold easily, but what differentiates them is what happens after that. A great feature of the UPPAbaby Vista is that it’s able to stand after folding. On the go parents will really appreciate the Nuna Mixx2’s fold as well. You’re able to roll it behind you like a suitcase! This is ideal if you’re a petite parent and lugging around a stroller just won’t cut it.

Back to bassinets. The infant ready seat with no bassinet in the Mixx2 keeps the price down, but we do offer the Jett Collection and Suited Collection complete with a Nuna bassinet. What we love about their bassinet is that it’s sleep certified without a stand! You won’t need to lug a stand around while travelling–simply place the bassinet on the floor. But don’t worry, UPPAbaby’s bassinet is also sleep certified when elevated in a stand or stroller.

And, of course, we can’t forget about the single-to-double stroller factor. The Vista converts to a double stroller, while the Mixx 2 does not. You’ve probably heard us say before that we want you to buy what best fits you now. That still stands! You really never know what models will be available for you once you eventually have your second child. Also, most children are walking on their own around the age of three. So the age gap of potential children is something to consider too! You might not even need a double stroller once your second little one comes along. Whatever stroller you choose, be sure to bring home the one that will best fit your lifestyle with this particular baby on the way.

Need a visual? Eli compares the Nuna Mixx2 to the UPPAbaby Vista 2017 in this Magic Beans YouTube video:


But, of course, the best visual of all is a test drive at your nearest Magic Beans location. You tell us about your lifestyle and our gear gurus will work their magic. If you’re outside of Massachusetts or Connecticut, not to worry! Schedule a free consultation via phone, chat, or even video chat!

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