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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Nuna Mixx vs. Baby Jogger City Mini GT: Tough strollers that are easy to use (and easy on your wallet!)

Nuna Mixx vs. Baby Jogger City Mini GT: Tough strollers that are easy to use (and easy on your wallet!)

nuna mixx stroller and baby jogger city mini gt stroller

At Magic Beans we get this a lot: I need a rugged stroller that is aesthetically pleasing, lightweight and easy to fold – do you have any suggestions? Of course I do! The Nuna Mixx Stroller and the Baby Jogger City Mini GT  both fit the bill, and they both give you a LOT for your money, too (neither costs over $500). Here are some of the key features of both.



That Fold Though:
lauren w gtThe Baby Jogger City Mini series has always been known for one thing in particular: the fold! I love demo-ing this to customers who have never seen it before. I literally tell them to not blink or they’ll miss it! The Baby Jogger City Mini GT boasts a true one handed fold that folds your stroller in two in less than one second flat. Since it only weighs a nimble 20 pounds (that’s incredibly light for an all-terrain stroller!) you can fold your stroller with one hand with your toddler on your hip, while opening the trunk to get the stroller (and your dog) inside!

The Mixx also has a great fold: when I first got my hands on it, my first thought about the fold was “WHOA.” I had never witnessed a stroller that, with a little help, practically folded itself. The fold on the Mixx goes a little something like this: pull up on triggers (with your seat facing EITHER WAY – that’s right!) and push handlebars forward. The chassis will collapse and lock onto itself in a fluid motion. PLUS – a super awesome trolley feature, which means you can wheel it around just like a suitcase when its folded – how easy is that?

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth even more, watch me demo those cool folds right here:


Smooth Ride:
Baby Jogger really does it right with the locking third front wheel. You really get that extra agile feeling while pushing the City Mini GT: cutting in and out of store aisles is a breeze. Additionally, the GT’s tires are H A R D Y. Again, this is an all terrain stroller, so the tires have to be! You can see the deep grooves on the tires, similar to your hiking boots. The treads provide a nice bite on any surface and can handle anything from grass to rocks!

The Nuna Mixx has two different sized tires: larger ones in the back to provide the push you need for heavier terrain, and smaller wheels in the front to allow you to maneuver like a gazelle, smoothly and effortlessly. The Nuna Mixx is considered a multi-terrain stroller, which accounts for the differently-sized wheels, and the combination of the two different sizes is what gives you that smooth ride, even with one hand. Lastly, the lockable front wheels give you a hand when roaming over cobblestones or the beach!



Seating Options:
lauren w mixxWhile the City Mini GT rocks, it is newborn-ready only with the purchase of the pram (sold separately) or with an infant car seat adapter. The reason is because this stroller seat doesn’t lay completely flat. This isn’t a huge issue though, as its really popular for parents to use their infant cat seat on top of their stroller exclusively for the first few months – it just makes it so much easier to transfer your baby from the stroller to the car. Secondly, the GT will only face outwards. The seat of the stroller is attached to the chassis of the stroller, so there is not an option to parent face.

The Nuna Mixx, on the other hand, is a true 2 in 1 seat! Newborn-ready out of the box, you can set the seat up in bassinet mode for long rides in the park, or click your Nuna Pipa Infant Car Seat directly onto the Mixx with the adapters that are right inside the box for extra convenience. Also, because the seat is removable from the chassis, you can stroll with your child facing you or facing the world.

Fabrics and Whistles:
Baby Jogger offers the City Mini GT in a handful of fun colors that offer a nice cushy seat for your little one, and the City Mini GT has the sporty look of a truly rugged all-terrain stroller.

The Mixx has a more understated look, with earthy, neutral colors that reflect their environmentally-friendly materials. All of Nuna’s fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified, meaning they’re healthier for the earth and for your baby.

How do you know which stroller is right for you?
I let all of my customers know that choosing your stroller can feel like choosing your car. You should love it, feel comfortable driving it, and it should be right for you and for your family. It really helps to download our stroller buying guide, which will help you navigate through the initial stages of research. We’d also love to have you come into one of our stores to chat with a Stroller Matchmaker – and of course, take a test drive too!

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