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Nuna Leaf Wind Accessory: ABC Kids Expo Nuna Exclusive!

Nuna Leaf Wind Accessory: ABC Kids Expo Nuna Exclusive!

leafwindThere’s no question that the Nuna Leaf Floating Baby Lounger is one of our number one recommendations for soothing babies, and we’ve already gone into great depth right here at Spilling the Beans about how it’s a smash hit with customers.

The Leaf boasts an ultra-modern, unique look, a slow and quiet motion that’s perfect for soothing babies, and an unusually high weight limit that extends its use (a very rare thing among baby bouncers). So… how do you improve a product that’s this perfect?

The Nuna Leaf baby chair is named for its shape and its gentle side-to-side motion that mimics a leaf gently floating down from a tree, on the wind. Normally, the Leaf operates on human power – you nudge it gently, or your baby kicks, and it sways side to side (a single push from you can power the Leaf for up to three minutes). But what if you need to concentrate on some other task and baby wants to rock? That’s when you need some Wind!

The Nuna Leaf Wind Accessory snaps onto the base of your Nuna Leaf Floating Baby Lounger, and works very simply: a rubber wheel rotates against the stock of the base, powering the swaying motion so you don’t need to do anything at all to keep baby rocking! An easy interface on the Wind Accessory lets you choose one of 6 speeds, using a plus/minus button, and a nightlight on the base also gives you three brightness options.

Our video isn’t complete, so I’m not sure if there are further features (something was mentioned about a USB?), but that’s what we have for now. Watch this blog for more updates later from Magic Beans at the ABC Kids Expo!

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