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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Now scoot – and be safe about it.

Now scoot – and be safe about it.

Razor ScooterWho could forget those ubiquitous little scooters that were so popular a few years back? It seemed like they were a passing fad, but this year, as soon as the snow started to melt, we saw a big uptick in demand for scooters. It seemed like everyone was looking for them. We took the hint, and ordered some Razor scooters, and they have just arrived in our warehouse.

As with any sort of active toy, we are very concerned about safety. We are working on getting helmets into the store, but don’t wait for us – if you’re buying a Razor scooter for your child, you must insist that your child wear a helmet at all times, in addition to elbow and knee pads. Make sure that your children stay away from vehicular traffic. Keep to parks, playgrounds, sidewalks and driveways. Make sure that your kids also know that pedestrians have the right of way, and be confident that they know how to use the brakes before they use the scooter outdoors. Wear proper footwear (read: sneakers), and make sure to keep laces away from the wheels of the scooter. Do not use the scooter after dark. Read the assembly instructions carefully, and show your children how to fold and unfold the scooter properly, as it’s not uncommon for kids to catch their fingers in the hinge – ouch.

Razor scooters can be used by very young children, but close adult supervision is necessary for any child under the age of 8.

With all that said, anything that propels children into motion carries some risk, and accidents do happen. Be aware of those risks and make sure your children take their safety very seriously. Be safe and have fun.

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