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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
No Rain On Your Parade: 10 ways to have fun indoors

No Rain On Your Parade: 10 ways to have fun indoors

kidinrainWhile we don’t love April Showers, don’t forget: at the end, we get beautiful May Flowers. In the meantime, here are our top 10 suggestions to keep downpours from dampening your fun.

  1. Make your own play-doh – kids enjoy the process AND the product. This recipe doesn’t require you to cook the dough, making it more kid-friendly than stovetop versions.
  2. Build a (safe) obstacle course in the house using pillows, stuffed animals, couch cushions, and other soft objects. Challenge your kids to race through and beat their best time.
  3. Do an art project. Pull out crayons, watercolors, finger paints, clay – whatever you have on hand. Just get your kids using their hands and creating something.
  4. Bake cupcakes. Beantown Baker has an amazing collection of recipes, ranging from simple to extreme.
  5. Play a game. Clue, Bananagrams, Spot It, Memory – anything age appropriate.
  6. Build a tower. It doesn’t matter how old your kids are – it’s always fun to construct something that’s taller than you. Use blocks, cardboard boxes, or the contents of your recycling bin, and just try to go as high as you can.
  7. Write a letter. Who does that anymore? Kids love the novelty of writing (or drawing) something that will travel via snail mail to someone they love. Grandma will be delighted!
  8. Play dress-up. If you have role-play costumes, use those; if not, let the kids raid your closet, and get dressed up in something fancy or funny. Kids will love trying on your shoes!
  9. Go outside and make a big splash! If it isn’t too cold, it can be fun to put on rainboots and a raincoat and go stomp around in the rain. The best part is the hot cocoa afterwards.
  10. Go shopping. Put the kids in the car and bring them to Magic Beans or another favorite store. Browse, play, and people-watch together.

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