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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
New Product Showcase at The ABC Show

New Product Showcase at The ABC Show

The New Product Showcase has become one of my favorite parts of the ABC Show, and it happens before the show even begins! It takes place the night before the show, and is a reception for media and specialty retailers previewing most of the coolest new products that will be on display during the show. Manufacturers are not invited, so there’s no pressure to think about sales, just the pure pleasure of cool products to see and fabulous people to shmooze. It was 90 minutes of pure awesomeness, with some products that took my breath away and some products that made me laugh. Here are some highlights from last night.

1. For baseball fans


I think we may know a few people who *need* this, especially here in Boston! Diaper Dude has a new line of MLB-licensed diaper bags designed for dads (but great for moms too).

2. For hungry toddlers

Itzy Ritzy has made these smart (and cute) reusable pouches that can be filled with whatever mushy snack your toddler loves, and then washed and refilled the next day.

3. For bad hair days

New Baby Grooming Kit from Rhoost

The Rhoost Grooming Kit is both adorable and eco-friendly, with bamboo comb and brush, organic cotton washcloth and a neat wood-encased nail clipper.

 4. For piggyback rides

A saddle for piggyback rides (?!)

It’s a saddle. For parents. We’re not sure about this in practice, but it is nifty in theory.

5. For delegators

This device shhhh's your baby so you don't have to

When you’re too busy to shush your baby yourself, this device can do it for you. Interesting, but it would be better if it could make dinner and do some laundry.

6. For safer baths

Water leveler

No joke, this is actually a great idea. It extends the tub drain up a few inches, ensuring you can’t overfill the tub to dangerous depths.

7. For sweaty backs


Warm day? No problem. This gel-liner for strollers will keep babies nice and cool.

8. For Day Care


From Mabel’s Labels, beloved makers of cute customized labels for kids, comes these DIY versions. These write-on labels let you label on the fly, but the cute icons make them a big step up from what you can do with just a Sharpie.

9. For chilly days


When it’s cold outside, wearing your baby can be a challenge. There have been plenty of other products that have tried to address this, but this one looks significantly less silly than some of the others (and it looks nice and toasty too).

10. For growing feet


These baby shoes grow with your baby’s feet to cover 4 sizes in one pair of shoes. That’s pretty smart – baby feet grow so fast!

11. For people who appreciate clever packaging


OK, I’m pretty sure these are just sunglasses, but this packaging makes me smile.

12. For tender gums


It’s a teether OR it’s an ice pop. Either way, it’s soothing. Plus it has cow print AND udders. #win

13. For needlephobes


For every little girl who wants to deck out her ears but is too little to get them pierced, these earring tattoos are just the ticket.

14. For diaper malfunctions


Forget digging under the crib mattress for the corners of a fitted sheet. These smart sheets tie onto the crib, making midnight sheet changes a breeze.

15. Also for diaper malfunctions


This is brilliant. Really. And it would’ve saved me some trouble at my sister’s wedding (long story). But would you buy it? And use it?

16. For lunch and learn


New from Lollacup, this cute dining set has 3 conveniently sized plates and bowls, plus offers opportunities to reinforce shapes and colors.

 17. For lounging


This donut pillow is great for babies and kids. And it looks a lot nicer than the inflatable winter sled my son likes to sit in while he’s reading books.

18. For sore nipples


Seriously. I wouldn’t wear this in public, but I bet it’s really effective.

19. For Earth Mamas


How pretty is this carrier?

20. For big days


Use these stickers to capture the milestone moments in your baby’s life.

21. For the playground


This. Is. Brilliant. The Swingease harness, from Honeybee Child, clips onto a regular-size swing at the playground, making it safe to use for babies. So cool – and we’ll have more news about it soon!

22. For boo-boos


Fuzzy bandages your kid will love to wear.

23. For fun


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