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New game review: Battle Sheep from Blue Orange

New game review: Battle Sheep from Blue Orange

battlesheepBattle Sheep from Blue Orange is a strategy game in which two herds of sheep try to conquer the most territory in a new pasture. It’s easy to play, and it’s surprisingly addictive: my husband and I got it down pretty quick and kept playing for hours! Part of the reason I couldn’t stop, I think, is because I wanted to beat him and just couldn’t – he’s a strategy game expert who’s always thinking 3 moves ahead, while I just wing it.

The object of the game is to get the most of your colored sheep on the board: red, white, blue, or black (and they’re super cute!). Sounds easy enough, but the other players can block you from moving anywhere. To set up, each player gets four board pieces and builds a mini-board. Then, you combine all the players’ boards to make one big board, resulting in a different board every time you play. (This was Will’s favorite part. He kept trying to think of ways to make it more difficult.) Each player also gets a stack of sheep in one color. You then place your stack on one of the edge pieces to start the game.

Here’s a quick demo:

It is very easy to learn and very quick to play, but if you are competitive, this game is for you! The game gets more challenging and more fun when you add more players. I set up the board for two players, but if you had four players there would be eight more pasture boards. I will definitely be bringing this one to game night!

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