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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!

New features on our website

We just launched two cool new features on our website.

The Stroller Matchmaker is a form that asks a series of detailed questions about parents’ lifestyle, habits and tastes. That form is submitted to us and is reviewed by one of our Stroller Matchmakers. Then, we send a list of tailored recommendations for strollers. The turnaround time is listed as 1-2 days, but it will probably be shorter than that in most cases. We talked about automating the process, so that a database would be able to generate the list of recommendations, but upon further reflection, it seemed a bit impersonal. So we’re going to give this a shot. If you have any feedback or comments, please share.

Our new Nursery Designer is so nifty that someone else actually scooped the story before I even got around to posting it here. Robert at Coochicoos blogged about it this morning – check it out here. We’ve created a flash program that will help parents lay out their nursery. We are featuring the Stokke furniture, which I love, and you can place the furniture on a floorplan and rotate it, position it, and even print it. We’ve developed relationships with transportation companies that now enable us to ship Stokke furniture nationwide, and usually we can offer free shipping. Again, this is a beta version and we’re very eager to develop and improve this feature. Please send along your comments.

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