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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
New Ergobaby Adapt Carrier: no insert needed!

New Ergobaby Adapt Carrier: no insert needed!

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New babies need a tremendous amount of stuff: the odds and ends and bits and bobs flooding into your house even before your baby makes their first appearance can be overwhelming. So while for some parents, adding an insert to their Ergobaby carrier was no big deal, for others, it just seemed like one more extra piece to manage.

That’s why even though parents love the Ergobaby Original Carrier and the four-position Ergobaby 360 Carrier, we’ve still been eager to try out the new Ergobaby Adapt Carrier, their first insert-free baby carrier!

In this video, our Head Buyer, Jill Hegstad, demonstrates how the Ergobaby Adapt Carrier works, and why we think it’s going to be great for families who are eager to keep baby carrying as simple as possible.

The Ergobaby Adapt Carrier can be used from birth (7 pounds) to 45 pounds, giving you years of use along with three carry position options (front-inward, hip, and back). It also has a unique variation on the ergonomic bucket seat that debuted with the Ergobaby 360 Carrier: a series of Velcro adjustment points let you widen the seat on the Adapt Carrier to ensure that your baby is both comfortable and seated in a healthy position for her hips.

As with all Ergo carriers, the Ergobaby Adapt Carrier is also optimized for your comfort: a big, wide, padded waist belt gives you plenty of lumbar support, and the carrier is designed to distribute your baby’s weight properly to avoid hurting your back and shoulders. The waist belt can expand to fit a huge range of parents, from 26-55 inches, and the shoulder straps can even crisscross for a proper fit for petite parents.

We have so much more to say about this carrier – but a visit is worth a thousand words! We’ll have our first Ergobaby Adapt carriers in mid-May, and we encourage you to drop in to your nearest Magic Beans and give it a test drive. You’ll be able to compare it to our other favorite carriers, and get our expert opinion on which carrier will do the best job of simplifying your parenting lifestyle… so you can relax and enjoy your baby!

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