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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
New brand: Little Unicorn swaddling blankets & more!

New brand: Little Unicorn swaddling blankets & more!

little unicorn swaddle blanket swaddle instructions

Little Unicorn is a brand that generates some serious enthusiasm (and perhaps a touch of exaggeration): upon discovering their gorgeous fabric patterns, mom-to-be Catherine wrote on their Facebook page, “I need to remortgage my house and order the entire floral contents of your website and have it shipped to me here in England. That is possible right?”

little unicorn gorgeous baby poppiesI know that feeling – those watercolor pink blossoms, teeny bicycles, funky flamingos, and winsome hedgehogs are so irresistible! And then, of course, there’s the star of the show: their Summer Poppy pattern, which you’ll find at Magic Beans on burp cloths and muslin swaddling blankets.

They’re also winning accolades for the quality of their cotton and bamboo muslin fabrics: blogger Jenny at Mamatoga praises how Little Unicorn swaddling blankets are lightweight and breathable, and get softer with every wash (as muslin should). There’s a reason why muslin is the best fabric for swaddling your baby: it’s just a little stretchy, providing a nice tight and cozy swaddle and giving your new baby an enclosed feeling to help him sleep, but it won’t make him too hot on warm days.

Little Unicorn swaddles are also available in bamboo muslin, which they call “Deluxe Muslin”: they describe it as “crazy soft, lightweight, [and] breathable.” And, as with other favorite muslin swaddles, Little Unicorn swaddling blankets are incredibly useful – use them to cover up while nursing, as a changing pad, as a burp cloth, and any number of other things.

Are you a Little Unicorn fan? What’s your favorite design?

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