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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
New BabyZen YoYo+: good things come in small packages!

New BabyZen YoYo+: good things come in small packages!


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World travel with a baby is tough – but really, if you’re the kind of family that travels all the time anyway, you know that even traveling alone is always challenging anyway. To tote along the youngest member of your family, you just have to be realistic and well-prepared, and bring the right tools along with you.

The BabyZen YoYo Stroller debuted a few years back, and we were immediately impressed by the amazing compact fold – it’s so itty-bitty when folded that it’s actually approved to fit in the overhead compartment of a plane (As the reviewers at MadeForMums point out, the folded YoYo is smaller than an Hermes Birkin bag!)

And now, with the brand-new BabyZen YoYo+ Stroller, you can enjoy the same convenience while traveling with your newborn. How cool is that? Here’s how it works: the Newborn Pack is a fabric set that creates a bassinet-like lie-flat environment for your baby, with a pop-up canopy, foot cover, and head support. When your baby is ready to ride in a regular seat, just switch to the regular seat fabric.babyzen yoyo plus stroller with newborn pack

With the Newborn Pack.

Along with the awesome fold, the YoYo+ has a handy carrying strap, an extendable canopy with a peekaboo window, and good suspension for a smooth ride. Reviewers say it does fine on gravel and grass as well as smooth sidewalks, and that it pushes like a dream – since it has a single bar instead of double handles like most umbrella strollers, you can easily push it with one hand. The narrow profile will come in super handy in grocery stores and malls, and on crowded sidewalks, as well as on your adventures abroad.

Which is, of course, where the YoYo+ will truly shine: while some traveling parents recommend just skipping the stroller and going with a sling or other carrier instead, a stroller can be a real lifesaver when you’re far from home. The travel experts at JetwithKids, who took their son to 15 countries before he turned 5, wrote, “The stroller is probably one of the most undervalued items to pack. In fact, if you had to leave all else at home, it may be the one thing I would recommend taking.” Your stroller gives kids a handy napping spot on the go, lets older kids rest their little legs, keeps them from getting too impatient while you’re all waiting in long lines, provides warmth if it’s cold, provides shelter if it’s sunny or raining, and gives kids a familiar, comfortable environment that’s all their own in unfamiliar and overstimulating places.

babyzen yoyo stroller

Without the Newborn Pack.

And this year’s YoYo+ does an even better job at hauling both kids and gear than previous models: the new reinforced frame has a higher weight limit of 40 pounds, and the basket has been hugely expanded – it’s a full 60% bigger. When you’re hiking around a strange city or exploring a theme park, you need to lug a lot of junk, and that goes double with kids in tow, so it’s incredibly handy to have some wheels to push along bags, jackets, drinks, souvenirs, diapers, extra clothing, umbrellas, shopping, and all of your other odds and ends.

Finally: with this exciting new version coming out soon, we’re putting the 2015 BabyZen YoYo Stroller on sale! At 20% off while supplies last, it’s a great deal on this elegant little stroller, and it’s compatible with the new Newborn Pack. (This also means that if you already have last year’s YoYo and have a newbie on the way, you can retrofit your stroller for your new arrival!)

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