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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
New baby classes at Magic Beans Brookline!

New baby classes at Magic Beans Brookline!


Just how great is Brookline, MA? Actually, it may objectively be the best: neighborhood analyst Niche crunched some serious data and named Brookline the best suburban community in the entire COUNTRY. Brookline is famous for safe streets, gorgeous houses, great schools, and easy access to all of the fun of the city, and you’ll have a hard time finding a better place to settle in and raise your growing brood.

Kinds-New-MomsAs far as we’re concerned, the number one spot in Brookline for families is our flagship store on Harvard Avenue, and this fall, we’re adding one more perk for the newest parents: baby classes! Choose from the Budding Bonds new moms’ group, created by Mommybites Boston, or the Galoop child development classes, both of which will help you bond with your baby, gain confidence as a parent, and meet other cool moms and dads who could really use some new pals who are at the same point in their parenting journey. Here’s the details:


  • Galoop Child Development Classes: Led by the charming and talented Cecilia Matson, these hour-long sessions for ages 5 months – 11 months provide a balanced combination of exploration, structure, learning, and fun for your baby. Plus, Cecilia has been working with parents and small children for over 20 years, and she’ll be happy to answer questions and offer reassurance as you go along. Register for Galoop classes here!
  • Budding Bonds: This one’s for the newbies! Led by Ashley Oliver, a former assistant manager at the much-missed Isis Parenting, this class for moms of babies ages 0-3 months gives you the opportunity to share experiences, discuss your life as a new parent, and get the answers you need as you grow into your brand-new role. You can sign up for the 9/15-10/20 session or the 10/27-12/1 session!

Sounds pretty great, right? We bet you’ll have plenty in common with the other moms in the room – and just getting out of the house is so important when your baby is new. We hope we’ll see you there!



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