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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
New babies = quiet blog

New babies = quiet blog

January is always a hectic month for us – 2009 toy catalogs come pouring into the office, we do inventory, strategy meetings, annual performance reviews and get the kids back into the swing of things at school. So when my husband’s sister had a baby girl on January 15, the last-minute escape to Chicago just compounded the chaotic fun.

It was our first airplane adventure as a family of five, but we barely had time to notice.

As it turns out, the trip went fairly smoothly. When we left, Audrey, our oldest was getting over a cold. All three kids fell asleep on the Thursday evening flight and Audrey woke up screaming as the plane descended because her ears were hurting (won’t ever forget the Ear Planes again). Her shrieks woke Mira and Zev, who also dissolved into hysterics, leaving us solidly outnumbered. God bless the flight attendants.

We rallied after the flight, but early Saturday evening, a stomach virus overcame Mira like a tidal wave. This presented a tricky situation, since we had come to Chicago to be with my husband’s sister, her husband, and their new baby, but we didn’t want to risk getting anyone over there sick. By right, my husband should have been the one to go – it was his sister after all. But the new mom acknowledged that it would be handy to have a living, breathing, breastfeeding demonstration taking place every few hours while she got the hang of it. So my husband stayed back at the hotel while I took the other two kids to visit the new baby.

On Sunday night, my husband took me out for a nice dinner which was cut slightly short by Zev, who, accustomed to clusterfeeding between 8 and 11pm, was growing infuriated by my unexplained absence. But that evening was a metaphor for the entire trip, really. Traveling with three kids means nothing will ever go according to plan, but if you can regroup and stay positive, you’ll still have a great time.

Anyway, all I was trying to say was, sorry for the quiet. I have a long list of products to cover and will try to get it all out over the next couple of days.

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