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Nap Nanny Recall

In my recap of the ABC Spring Show in Louisville this past May, I mentioned the Nap Nanny, a baby recliner that has been getting a lot of buzz lately. Today, the Nap Nanny was recalled because a 4-month old baby suffocated when she was strapped into a Nap Nanny that had been put into a crib. The baby rolled off the side and got trapped between the Nap Nanny and the crib bumper.

The Nap Nanny is designed only for use on the floor, in a clear area away from any other objects. It should not be put into a crib or play yard, and it should never be placed on a table or other elevated surface. The recall applies to all first generation Nap Nanny recliners, which do not have a d-ring reinforcement for the harness built into the foam base. Anyone who owns the older version can contact the company and get a coupon for $80 towards a new Nap Nanny with free shipping (the Nap Nanny retails for $130, so owners of the older model will still need to pay $50 for a replacement). Newer models have the d-rings and do not need to be replaced. Anyone who owns the Nap Nanny should visit the company’s website to go over the correct instructions for use, so there is no confusion about what is or isn’t safe.

The changeover from the old model to the newer one happened in August of 2009, so the reality is, most of the parents who had or used the older version are no longer using it with infants who would need the harness. The Nap Nanny has no upper weight limit, so toddlers and preschoolers can use it to lounge around, but would very likely not use the harness (except for fun). The older model is really not safe to use with infants, so if you had one put away for your next baby, throw it away and replace it with the new one.

To see the full CPSC recall announcement, click here. It includes pictures to help you identify whether you have the older or newer Nap Nanny model. We have never sold this item in our stores. We always had mixed feelings about it, but after hearing great things about it from parents and other retailers, we were seriously considering it. If we’re confident the recall remedies have addressed the safety concerns, we may still bring it in someday. But not today.

My heart goes out to that family.

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