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Mutsy Slider

Mutsy Slider

Mutsy SliderThe Mutsy strollers have been very well received during their first year in the US. We’ve had good success with the 4-Rider model, a hybrid with four pneumatic tires (two large in the rear, two smaller in the front). The front air-filled tires make this stroller unusual and give it a very smooth ride. They also make the frame a bit heavy.

This year, they introduced a new frame, the Slider. In contrast to the 4-Rider, the Slider has four foam tires, making the frame much lighter. The biggest innovation on the Slider, however, is that it includes an oval form that, like the bugaboo, begins as a bassinet and becomes a stroller seat. Rather than being attached to the frame, the handlebar of the stroller is part of the seat/bassinet piece, and can be easily flipped around. It’s hard to explain, but I took a video.

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