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Mutsy is here!

Mutsy is here!

MutsyWe received our first shipment of Mutsy strollers today. I’ve written about the Mutsy a couple of times already, so I won’t bore you with too many details. We are carrying the 4Rider model, which is the sleekest of the Mutsy frames, with 2 large pneumatic tires in the rear and 2 small pneumatic tires in the front. It handles beautifully, but that’s not the big story with this stroller. The genius of the Mutsy lies in its flexibility. The chassis can accommodate the stroller seat, or a car seat adaptor. But it also takes a “Fun Seat” – a trike-style seat for older toddlers, or the much-anticipated Doubles seat, a stroller seat built for two that fits onto the 4Rider frame. This seat will not be available in the US until 2007, though.
We’ve also received their nice Step-Up Board, a product very similar to the Buggy Board that installs literally in an instant. I was pretty impressed with it when I saw it in Las Vegas, but I haven’t seen how it performs on other strollers. We’ll do some testing.

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