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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Motrin Melee

Motrin Melee

The blogosphere is abuzz today with angry moms. The target of the smackdown is an advertisement for Motrin posted on the company’s website, purportedly to kick off a new ad campaign. The ad was intended to breezily poke fun at the aches and pains associated with babywearing. Unfortunately, the only ones feeling aches and pains today are the folks at Motrin, who hastily posted an apology front and center on their homepage.

Now, I’m an avid babywearer with an extensive collection of slings, pouches, wraps and other carriers. I’ve worn all three of my kids, and Zev spends a considerable amount of time in his wrap. I’ve watched the commercial several times, and while I think it’s a little ditzy and somewhat off-base, I’m having a hard time feeling offended. But a lot of these other moms are seriously pissed off. Am I missing something?

My biggest issue is this: if your baby carrier is hurting enough to send you running for the medicine cabinet, you probably need a different carrier. If you need some suggestions, I’m happy to help.


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