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Mocktails to DROOL over! Try Mocktails at the Drool Baby Expo

Mocktails to DROOL over! Try Mocktails at the Drool Baby Expo

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mock 4One of the many luxurious treats we offer at every Drool Baby Expo is mocktails: cocktails that are just as sophisticated and refreshing as the real thing, minus the booze.  Our past offerings have always been delish, but when the folks from the Mocktails company offered to bring in some of their wares for a tasting, we were eager to give them a try! We’re always eager to support local businesses, and their products just sounded great.

Basically, Mocktails cocktails provide the same shortcut that packaged mixers do for standard cocktails, but with much better ingredients: company owner Bill Gamelli told us, “If it wouldn’t pass the pregnant mother test, it doesn’t go in the bottle.” This is no syrupy-sweet margarita mix: instead, their mocktail mixers are low-calorie, and contain no artificial flavors or colors, no preservatives, no high fructose corn syrup, no allergens, no gluten, and no BPA. They’re Kosher, and made in the USA. Not too shabby, right?

mock 3Mocktails also come in the niftiest packaging – they have an innovative double-screw shaker cap, which prevents splatter, and you can reuse the (real glass!) packaging as a shaker or a pint glass. There are about four drinks to a bottle.

But of course, the most important thing to us is: how do they taste?

First up was the Karma Sucra Cosmopolitan. I was impressed by how, at first whiff, it really does remind you of the real thing! The same goes for the Scottish Lemonade Whiskey Sour, which also tasted so much like the real thing that I had to take a second look at the bottle. Finally, we tried their Sevilla Red Sangria – just add some cut-up fruit to it, and you’ve got a lovely (booze-free) summer treat!

We’ll be featuring Mocktails brand beverages at the upcoming Drool Baby Expo, on May 13 at the Westin Waterfront here in Boston. Don’t miss your chance to try them out! (And, of course, have a blast shopping and getting great deals on everything you need for your baby!)


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