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Meet the multitalented Vanessa Trien – win four tickets to her show!

Meet the multitalented Vanessa Trien – win four tickets to her show!


Vanessa Trien and the Jumping Monkeys are returning by popular demand to the Coolidge Corner Theatre for their annual family band show! Known for their interactive, get-up-and-dance shows, this Boston-based band is not to be missed! Come join Vanessa, Julie, Adam, Dave and Paul as they present fan-favorite songs along with new songs including “Magic Wand” and “Home.” Be a tickle monster, an anaconda snake, or swinging monkey: the Jumping Monkeys will activate imaginations and get the whole family dancing!

Boston Children’s Music describes Vanessa’s shows with her band, the Jumping Monkeys, as follows: “Vanessa’s shows are perfect. It’s hard to explain and I can’t quite put my finger on what it is they do differently, but whatever it is, it really gets the kids (and parents) excited.” Last year, when we opened our Prudential Mall store, Vanessa led our Kazoo Flash Mob, and you can get a taste of her irrepressible natural charm in a video we made to promote the event here.

bubble ride by vanessa trienIn between shows, Vanessa gets kids moving and grooving with Music Together classes, and she’s shared her wisdom on kids and music with us right here on Spilling the Beans before. She also served as an artist-in-residence for the New York City LEAP program, and her achievements with LEAP included the establishment of a 50-kid chorus in a Bronx elementary school that previously had had no music program!

Her albums reward repeat listens, pleasing both big and little listeners: Celebrity Parents Magazine says that her new album “has a definitive 90s indie rock vibe that parents of today will love.”

Vanessa will be playing at the Coolidge Corner Theatre, a block away from our flagship store, on October 20 – and if you’re speedy, you can see her for free! Enter below to win four tickets to the show and a free copy of Bubble Ride. And in the meantime, why not try out a kazoo? It’s obviously a lot of fun!

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