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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Maritime merriment! Toys from under the sea

Maritime merriment! Toys from under the sea

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It’s possible that your part of the US (or the world) isn’t currently sweltering under a heat wave, but for most of us: baby, it’s hot outside! It’s the perfect time for kids to invent seafaring fantasies  with some ocean-going plush pals and other toys and figurines. In this toy roundup, we’ll be exploring a variety of toys that come with a breath of fresh salt-water air!

As for us grownups: time to stake out a space next to the air conditioner, or maybe just put a lawn chair under the sprinkler…



ocean toys calico crittersManhattan Toy Zip & Play Winnie Whale, $14.99
This infant toy is just too adorable: the round and cheerful plush whale’s mouth closes with a zipper, and when you open it up, she reveals three teether toys for your baby to enjoy!

Manhattan Toy Link & Play Whale, $17.99
Or, take along this wee whale who’s made specifically for voyaging: this stripey blue whale comes with a link to attach to your stroller or car seat, and also has a bunch of colorful dangling teethers to intrigue your infant.

Jellycat 17” Wilber Whale, $32.99
Whales are gentle giants, and this super-soft and truly lovely blue whale will make a great companion for virtually any kid.

Walter the Whale 25” Diamond Kite, $19.99
On the beach or in the field, this high-flying cetacean always has a smile on his face! Walt is nice and durable, so he’s less likely to fall apart on his maiden voyage.

Calico Critters Splash & Play Whale, $19.99
Critter collectors will love this adorable sandbox/splash pool for their fuzzy friends! It’s loaded with fun accessories – just add baby Calico Critter toys for thoroughly immersive playtime.

Douglas Narwhal Sassy Sak & Spike, $19.99
Exotic animals are definitely in this year, and narwhals are about as exotic as it gets; these rare Arctic whales are said to have inspired myths of unicorns, with their unique and extraordinary tusks. They’re weird, they’re hip, and this happy little guy can ride along with your mini-hipster in a matching purse. What’s not to love?



ocean toys melissa and doug mermaidDouglas Calypso Lime Mermaid, $12.99
This shimmery, glamorous little lady is great for both snuggles and imaginary play. Naturally, she has a ton of glamorous hair for your child to play with, too (mermaids always have great hair).

Melissa & Doug Mermaid Role Play Costume Set, $29.99 and Creative Education of Canada Mermaid Dress, $32.99
…or, instead of hanging out with a mermaid, why not BE a mermaid? Choose from these two glam ensembles fit for a princess of the sea!

Sands Alive! Merrilee Mermaid and Friends Set, $39.99
…or, create a magical mini-kingdom for your mermaid pals to inhabit: build a “sand” castle using molds, extruders, rollers, and castle toppers, and then add stickers and critters to create a thoroughly interactive environment for mermaid playtime!

Klutz Marvelous Book of Magical Mermaids, $19.99
This book comes with everything kids will need to construct six fin-tastic mermaid paper dolls, and over 200 accessories for dress-up play, using sticky dots to hold the clothing in place.



pirate-piggy-plush-z-aKidkraft Pirate Sandboat Sandbox with Cover, $299.99
Bring the beach to your backyard! There’s plenty of space for playtime for your child and all of their mateys, and the canopy will help to keep little buccaneers cool.

Playmobil Pirate Fort Superset, $24.99
This pretend-play set is loaded with fun accessories for pirate playtime, including three scurvy shipmates, a treasure chest, cannons, and more.

Apple Park Pirate Piggy Plush, $14.99
Don’t be fooled by his pegleg and eyepatch: this little pirate is only interested in snuggles! And he’s even made with organic cotton, making him a suitable companion for the youngest pirates aboard your ship.



jellycat-toothy-shark-TO3SHJellycat 15” Toothy Shark Plush, $25.00
I just love this guy – he has so much hilarious attitude! He’s also totally safe for all ages, so if you’ve decided to bring some super-cute plush to your next baby shower, he’d be my top pick.

Premier Kites Black Shark 5-Foot Kite, $19.99 and Jawbreaker Shark 30” Diamond Kite, $22.99
These toothsome high-flyers will delight little shark fans as they soar through the sky!

Melissa & Doug Spark Shark Fish Hunt Bath/Pool Toy, $17.99
Let’s get into a shark-y state of mind: these shark-shaped nets are hungry for fish-shaped sinkers! Playing with these guys in the pool is great swimming practice, and they’re also super fun in the tub.



Playmobil 1-2-3 My Take Along Ship, $34.99
The chunky, rounded pieces in this Playmobil set make it the perfect first boat toy for your toddler! And it floats, so kids can enjoy it in the bathtub as well as on dry land.


These are only a few of our ocean-themed toys, and you’ll find many, many more on our shelves and at! If none of these aquatic pals fit the bill, just ask our Toy Whizzes for some recommendations, and they’ll help you find the perfect gift for a summer birthday or just for a special treat.  Stay cool, and have fun!

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