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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Magic Beans Fun Size Picks: Top Five Arts and Crafts Toys

Magic Beans Fun Size Picks: Top Five Arts and Crafts Toys

Hey everyone – it’s Kelsey again, with the scoop from Magic Beans Fun Size, in NYC! As you may remember from my other blogs, our store is located in the lobby at Kidville in the Upper East Side, and we sell a handpicked selection of the best-of-the-best toys for ages 0-5. As with any other Magic Beans store, along with our amazing selection, we offer superb customer service: my team will ensure that you find exactly the toy you need to make any birthday or holiday special.

Today’s collection of top toys will inspire your imaginative child to create their earliest masterpieces with crayons, stickers, markers, and more!


alex-my-first-scribble-1502-fAlex Little Hands My First Scribble, $9.99 

For the little ones learning how to draw and write, My First Scribble is the perfect tool to help guide their imagination! With 50 pages of activities and 70 stickers, My First Scribble provides a background for your child to create beautiful works of art. Each page has a simple gray line drawing that kids can elaborate on with their own drawings, allowing them to take exploring to the next level. My First Scribble is a book full of learning and discovery fun! For ages 2 and up.


melissa-and-doug-shape-model-mold-0165-fMelissa & Doug Shape Model and Mold, $19.99 

The Melissa & Doug Shape Model and Mold provides creative play that will engage your child for hours! This set is full of unique tools, including five easy-grip wooden stamping cubes, three rolling pins with unique patterns, and four tubs of modeling dough with animal shapes on the lids for stamping. Kids will exercise their creativity and fine motor skills with this Melissa & Doug kit, and it provides a natural way to learn about shapes and colors. Perfect for playdates, siblings, or solo play! For ages 3 and up.


Alex Jr. Tots Art Startalex-tot-art-start-1851, $14.99 

This fun art set has six sticky collage activities aimed at getting a child’s creativity going. Tailored for the littlest hands, this kit includes 2 pre-printed paper frames, three triangular crayons, a paper giraffe, tons of stickers, crack-and-peel collage boards, doilies, tissue, fringe, and crepe paper. An award-winning educational toy from Alex, this art kit is perfect for children 18 months and up.


Alex Little Hands Farm Finger CrayonsALEX-alex-farm-finger-crayons-assorted-1480-f, $17.99 

Take your arts and crafts time to the farm! These adorable crayons are jumbo sized and designed to fit over your little one’s fingers. Each crayon is molded to look like a friendly farm animal friend: pig, sheep, cow, rooster, dog, and cat. Between the chunky, easy-to-use design and fun colors and faces, your child will flip for this unique crayon set.


ALEX-color-and-cuddle-washable-pony-69WH-fAlex Color and Cuddle Washable Pony, $17.99 

With the award-winning Color and Cuddle Washable Pony by Alex, you can color in your very own one-of-a-kind stuffed horse! Kids can decorate this adorable pony by coloring in the pre-printed patterns with the 4 included washable markers, or make up their own designs. Want to change the color? Just pop the pony in the washing machine, let it dry, and it’s ready to be colored again! For ages 3 and up.




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