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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Magalog Flashback: The First 30 Days – A Q&A with Carole Arsenault, RN, IBCLC

Magalog Flashback: The First 30 Days – A Q&A with Carole Arsenault, RN, IBCLC

What do you get when you combine a catalog with a magazine? Our magalog, Surprises, is your guide to the best of our baby gear selection and the top toys of the season. But there’s more: each issue of Surprises is loaded with informative articles about babies and kids, and common-sense advice that you can use.

Just in case you missed them, we’re reposting our magalog backlog here on the Spilling the Beans blog. And we’ve got a great new issue on the way, launching in November 2012. Go here and sign up to make sure you get yours!

The First 30 Days: A Q&A with Carole Arsenault, RN, IBCLC
Carole is the founder of Boston Baby Nurse™ and a mom of three.

1. Why does our baby look like that?
Your baby may have a slightly cone-shaped head or bruised/swollen eyes, small white bumps on his nose, downy body hair, or a stork bite (pink birthmarks). All of these are benign and will go away!

2. Should we feed our baby right away? How often after that?
You can try to breastfeed right after birth, but it’s more important to provide skin-to-skin contact, which can be done by dad or partner, too. Your baby will eventually get hungry, so look for cues such as rooting, fingers in her mouth, or looking around. Your baby needs to eat every three hours for the first weeks to ensure proper weight gain.

3. Why do I feel so wide-awake when I haven’t slept in two days?
It is normal to have an adrenaline rush after your baby is born. You’ll eventually feel tired enough to sleep!

4. How can I keep my baby awake during feedings?
It’s normal for your baby to pause for 5 to 10 seconds during a feeding. If he doesn’t resume, try unwrapping him from blankets, nudging his cheek, rubbing his arms and legs, or blowing lightly on the top of his head.

5. How do I know when to burp my baby?
If your new baby is bottle-fed, burp her after she eats a little less than one ounce. It may take a minute or two for her to burp, but don’t worry if she doesn’t. If you’re breastfeeding, you can burp at the end of a feed. If you want to burp her sooner though, break the latch by sneaking your pinky finger into the corner of her mouth. It’ll help avoid nipple irritation.

6. How do I clean my son’s newly circumcised area while it heals?
Put warm water into a peri bottle and gently spray the area. Dab gently—do not wipe. Add petroleum jelly liberally before putting on diaper.

7. My baby is shivering—does this mean she is cold?
Shivering is a normal newborn behavior due to a developing neurological system. Sneezing and hiccups are also normal!

8. Isn’t my baby restricted being so tightly swaddled like that?
Newborn babies are most content when they’re swaddled snugly. She may resist the process of being swaddled, but once you’re done, she’s likely to go to sleep.

9. When should I give her a first tub bath?
Give her sponge baths only for the first two weeks or so, to avoid getting the umbilical cord wet. Once it falls off, make the bathroom warm, test the water, and go ahead and give her a full body bath a few times a week.

10. What should I be doing with my baby?
Your baby doesn’t need much stimulation this early—ensuring she is safe, eating, sleeping, getting endless cuddles and hearing your gentle voice is all you need to do.

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