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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Magalog Flashback: Sleep Safe, Sleep Sound

Magalog Flashback: Sleep Safe, Sleep Sound

What do you get when you combine a catalog with a magazine? Our magalog, Surprises, is your guide to the best of our baby gear selection and the top toys of the season. But there’s more: each issue of Surprises is loaded with informative articles about babies and kids, and common-sense advice that you can use.

Just in case you missed them, we’re reposting our magalog backlog here on the Spilling the Beans blog. And we’ve got a great new issue on the way, launching in November 2012. Go here and sign up to make sure you get yours!

Sleep Safe, Sleep Sound: Choosing the Right Crib Mattress
By Dana Morgenstein

Your baby spends 16 or more hours every day sleeping. So you want to make sure that his crib mattress is comfortable and, above all else, safe. Crib mattresses need to be firm, for the same reasons you put your baby to sleep on his back and avoid soft bedding. The mattress should also fit the crib without any space at the edges – if you can easily fit more than one finger between the mattress and the frame, the mattress is too small.

Most mattresses are supported by either foam or coils, either of which provides adequate firmness. Foam weighs less and often costs less than coils, but non-organic mattress foam may offgas chemicals used in the manufacturing process, as well as flame retardants. Fortunately, there are many healthier options, including the mattresses pictured here.

Mattress covers also vary. If allergies run in your family, invest in a fully-sealed mattress, or other hypoallergenic solutions. Waterproofing and anti-microbial layers also help keep out germs, mold, and dampness. The Nook Pebble mattresses, for instance, include a patented nano-layer that’s so water-resistant that you can just wipe liquids right off the surface!

Mattresses are available at a variety of price points, so you should be able to find one that works for your family at Magic Beans – check out three of our favorites on this page. And if you buy organic for your baby, you might consider getting an organic mattress for yourself, too.

Dual 252, Naturepedic
Air Core support and 252 coils make one side of the mattress ultra-firm for infant safety; flip it over for a softer surface for toddlers. Organic cotton filling; no vinyl, PVC, or polyurethane. The seamless corners and wool-and-latex-free cover keep allergens out, and the cover is waterproof and stain-resistant.

Pebble Lite, Nook
The Cadillac of crib mattresses! The unique-looking textured surface promotes airflow, and the removable and machine-washable cover is waterproofed with a patented nano-layer. Ultra-soft eucalyptus fabric, organic cotton, and a latex core substitute are 100% natural and don’t offgas any nasty chemicals, and zinc and moisture-proofing protect against allergens.

Classica 1, Colgate
Extra-firm, non-allergenic orthopedic foam and a ventilated border ensure that your baby sleeps safely. The waterproof triple laminate cover keeps dampness out, and makes it easy to keep your mattress clean. And the mattress is extra light, to make changing sheets easy.

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