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Maclaren to offer lifetime warranty*

Maclaren to offer lifetime warranty*

Maclaren Quests*No, it’s true. Maclaren is preparing to launch a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects in their strollers. All you have to do is register your stroller online within a certain timeframe after the date of purchase. To be perfectly clear, this will not cover issues due to wear and tear from regular use and abuse. All the same, it is an unprecedented move that is sure to have other stroller manufacturers thinking about the subject.

In other news from Maclaren, they are eliminating PVC/phthalates from their rain covers. That’s the good news. The slightly less good news is they are also eliminating the rain covers altogether from the Volo and Triumph models. The rain covers will now be sold as a separate accessory, rather than included in the box.

Continuing on the green theme, Maclaren will be creating “Reclamation Centers” for people who would like to recycle their old Maclaren strollers.

Lastly, all 2008 Maclaren models will have a linked brake, which means that you’ll only need to trigger the brake on one wheel and both will lock or unlock. If you’ve ever used a Maclaren, you’ll agree that this is an excellent upgrade.

ps – since a lot of you have asked, the Lacoste stroller will be available around October 15th. If you would like to preorder, just contact me and I will take care of it for you.

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