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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans

Maclaren has acquired Netto

Daddytypes broke this story on Saturday, but we just had confirmation earlier this evening via an email from David Netto. Here’s an excerpt:

In a deal which I had long hoped to do, Netto has been bought by Maclaren. We finalized the arrangements on Friday. I have the utmost respect for Maclaren and its remarkable owners and personnel, and the future with Netto under the Maclaren umbrella looks very bright indeed – more new Netto products, in new categories, and a continued commitment to quality and innovation in design for the children’s market, to which we have already brought so many changes. I will continue to design for Netto/Maclaren with the greatest pleasure.

This is an interesting development. It’s not exactly two companies I would have expected to find a future together, but David Netto is a talented modern designer and Maclaren has long been searching for some new inroads into the juvenile market. As successful as they’ve been with their umbrella-fold strollers, Maclaren consistently strikes out when they reach beyond their comfort zone. Can Netto help them improve their track record? Here’s hoping.

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