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Lollacup vs. Zoli Bot: Sippy Cup Showdown

Lollacup vs. Zoli Bot: Sippy Cup Showdown


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Sippy cups are tough. I can’t even count how many times exasperated parents have come in looking for their sippy-cup-savior, having already tried a ton of different models. Look no further: the Lollacup Straw Cup and the Zoli Bot are two superior sippies! They’re both terrific, but they’re different in a few important ways, so in order to help you choose, here’s our side-by-side sippy guide.

Lollacups have an adorable birdie face and are available in a variety of colors: bold red, good green, happy orange, posh pink, brave blue, and chic black. Here’s the lowdown on Lollacups:

  • They’re BPA and phthalate-free (and made in the USA)!
  • The straw is valve-free, to ease drinking from a straw for younger slurpers.
  • A weighted soft straw anchors it to the bottom of the cup, so no matter how you tip or twirl it, you’ll avoid the gurgling and slurping which is unavoidable with a stationary straw.
  • A soft straw eases the transition between pliable, squashy bottle nipples and the hard plastic mouthpieces found on most sippy cups, making the Lollacup appropriate for 9 months and up.
  • A straw cleaning brush is included in the box for those parents who are concerned about proper cleaning. Plus, the whole cup is top-rack dishwasher-safe!
  • Finally, removable handles make it easy for little hands; just take off the handles to fit your sippy in cup holders and snack trays.

zolibotThe Zoli Bot Sippy Cup comes in two sizes: the regular Bot (6oz) and the Bot XL (9oz), and both are suitable for 9 months and up. Like the Lollacup, the Zoli Bot is BPA-free, phthalate-free, and PVC-free – Zoli was among the earlier companies to specifically seek out the safest plastics for their products for kids. Like the Lollacup, the Bot is valve-free, with a silicone straw, but it’s made in China.

Both of these sippy cups are a big hit with our customers, but each item has a few pros and cons; here are a few that we’ve noticed:

  • The Lollacup straw is thicker, and withstands baby/toddler teething and chewing better than the Zoli. You can get replacement straws for both.
  • The Lollacup comes with its straw cleaner, while you’ll need to buy a replacement straw kit for the Zoli Bot in order to get a cleaner. Since the straws do wear out, though, it’s worth making the extra purchase.
  • The weighted part of the straw on the Zoli Bot sippy cup is a little heavier, so it’s easier to slurp the last drops than it is with a Lollacup, because it actually hangs to the bottom of the cup.
  • The Lollacup has a better open/close mechanism; when you open it, nothing happens, it just locks back. However, when you open the cap of the Zoli Bot, the liquid in the cup may spit out the straw a little bit – not a big deal if it’s water, but not fun if it’s juice!
  • The Lollacup is a little more expensive: $17.99 for a Lollacup sippy cup versus $12.99 for Zoli Bot and $14.99 for Bot XL.
  • If either of these sippies springs a leap, you’re in luck: both companies have awesome customer service. They both say that their products should not leak with the cap closed, so if your sippy is leaking, it’s defective. Reach out to the manufacturer and they’ll send you a replacement, with an apology and a smile!

Overall, the Zoli Bot is more popular, but we think that the Lollacup is worth paying a few bucks extra. Either way, both sippies are made with high-quality materials and are easy for your child to use, so you can’t lose!

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