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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
The Evolution of Adventure Strollers: A Closer Look at BOB Gear's Revolution Flex, Alterrain, Alterrain Pro, Wayfinder, Duallie and Renegade Wagon

The Evolution of Adventure Strollers: A Closer Look at BOB Gear's Revolution Flex, Alterrain, Alterrain Pro, Wayfinder, Duallie and Renegade Wagon




If you’re an active family who loves to explore outside with your little one, a jogging stroller is a great choice for you to make those adventures even more enjoyable. A jogging stroller allows you to continue to be active while bringing your child along for the ride. But with so many brands now offering jogging options, how do you know which one is the best for your family? 

While there may not be a one-size-fits-all best jogging stroller, there are some brands that offer higher quality options with more features on a more durable frame. One such brand is Britax which produces the BOB line of all terrain strollers. 

BOB Gear Alterrain Pro


Why should I choose a BOB Gear jogging stroller? 

BOB Gear has been a trusted brand, known for its high-quality and durable jogging strollers. BOB stands for Beast of Burden, and BOB strollers definitely fit that description! While many brands just offer one model of a jogging stroller, BOB knows that there are many different types of active families with different needs in a jogging stroller. BOB offers a variety of jogging strollers so that you can find one that best fits your lifestyle.  

Which BOB Gear jogging stroller is right for me? 

To better help you decide, we will take a closer look at some of their popular models: the Revolution Flex, Alterrain, Alterrain Pro, and the reason behind the discontinuation of the Rambler in favor of the Wayfinder, which offers improved features and functionality.

Let’s first take a look at what all four jogging strollers have in common. All four strollers have three air filled tires with a 360° swiveling wheel in the front. This front wheel is also lockable for more stable jogging. 

The seats of the joggers are quite similar, featuring a one-handed recline. The seats can be adjusted on the fly from fully upright to near-flat. The seats are exceptionally roomy, padded, and have a five point harness to keep your little one secure and comfortable. All strollers have an impressive weight capacity of 75 pounds so you can use them for longer than most strollers.

While all of these strollers are suitable for 6 months+ and it is not recommended to run with baby until 9 months, they are compatible with infant car seats with adapters and can be used as a travel system for your convenience. They have standing folds with an easy lock lever. All strollers have a foot activated rear parking brake that is flip-flop friendly for family trips to the beach.

BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Travel System

BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0:

BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0

  • The lightest of this bunch at 28.5lbs, the BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 is the stroller of choice for experienced runners who will frequently be jogging with their child. Featuring large 16 inch diameter rear wheels, it takes uneven terrain and long runs in stride while providing premium stability. In addition to larger wheels, it also has an adjustable handlebar and adjustable suspension so you can customize your ride for you and your child. 
  • The BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 has more room for swag, with six additional storage pockets (including two on the side of your baby’s seat) for toys and snacks. Feel safer jogging at night with the BOB Revolution Flex 3.0’s reflective canopy and basket accents that ensure your nighttime visibility. This is the only stroller out of the BOB line-up we are featuring today that does have a two-handed, two-step fold. 

BOB Gear Alterrain:

BOB Gear Alterrain

  • The BOB Alterrain is built for the ultimate off-road experience. With its durable aluminum frame and SmoothShox suspension system, it provides a comfortable ride on any surface. The swiveling front wheel offers smooth steering and stability, and it can be locked for jogging or on unstable surfaces.  
  • The stroller features a handbrake and wrist strap for control and safety, along with a parking brake. The handlebar is adjustable and padded for comfort, and the seat is ultra-padded and adjustable for different positions. The fully canopy features UPF 50+ protection, while also having plenty of storage in the basket under the seat. The stroller is easy to fold with one hand and stands on its own when folded.The Alterrain is perfect for active families who enjoy exploring unpaved paths and challenging terrains. 

BOB Gear Alterrain Pro:

BOB Gear Alterrain Pro

  • The BOB Alterrain Pro is the more premium version of the Alterrain with everything you love of the Alterrain and a few additional features. Weighing 32.3lbs, it's rugged, durable, and perfect for rough terrains. 
  • The stroller features enhanced reflective features (on the wheels too) for nighttime visibility. The fully waterproof canopy provides UPF 50+ protection and has a magnetic peek and chat window. It offers ample storage with multiple pockets and a spacious zippered basket underneath the seat. 

BOB Gear Wayfinder:

BOB Gear Wayfinder

  • Replacing the popular Rambler, the Wayfinder offers enhanced features and functionality. It retains the ruggedness and reliability of its predecessor while incorporating thoughtful improvements. The Wayfinder features a compact, sleek design making it easier to handle and transport. It caters to the needs of active parents who desire a stroller that excels in both high-performance jogging capabilities and smooth maneuverability.  

BOB Gear Wayfinder

  • The Wayfinder effortlessly conquers any terrain, thanks to its independent dual suspension and air-filled tires that provide a consistently smooth and stable ride, even on uneven surfaces or challenging paths. With the swivel-locking front wheel, you can effortlessly navigate crowded streets or meandering trails, and when it's time to pick up the pace, simply lock the front wheel securely in place.
  • It includes a UPF 50+ canopy, a near-flat recline, and an adjustable handlebar with handbrake for added comfort. The Wayfinder also has a removable zip-top cargo basket and three pockets to keep your essentials organized during outings. The Wayfinder weighs in at 31.1lbs.

BOB Gear Wayfinder

Why did BOB Gear discontinue the Rambler for the Wayfinder?

BOB Gear's decision to discontinue the Rambler in favor of the Wayfinder stems from the desire to provide an even better stroller option for families. The Wayfinder offers improved maneuverability, a more compact fold, and additional features that enhance the overall user experience. By focusing on these advancements, BOB Gear ensures that parents can enjoy their outdoor adventures with their little ones in the most convenient and comfortable way possible.


BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie

BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie


Have two little ones you need to run with? The BOB Revolution Flex Duallie 3.0 has you covered! Its durable design conquers any terrain. With 16" rear tires and adjustable mountain-bike style suspension, it offers a smooth ride not just for running, but from beaches to snow. It's parent-friendly with easy-wash fabric, spacious seats, and convenient accessories. The Duallie version holds two and attaches a car seat to one side of the stroller using an adapter. With two on board, you’ll need a lot of storage space, which is why the Duallie offers storage pockets to make room for more gear and baby gear! Each seat has a 50lb weight capacity and the stroller itself weighs 33.1lbs. With its size, it does require a two-handed two-step fold.


If running isn't a part of your lifestyle but you still have a need for an all terrain option the Renegade Wagon is the perfect solution.

BOB Gear Renegade Wagon

BOB Gear Renegade Wagon:

BOB Gear Renegade Wagon

Bob’s version of a stroller wagon, the Renegade allows seating for up to three passengers. It folds and unfolds with one hand and three simple steps. It has durable tires for any terrain and comfortable suspension. It's spacious, with storage pockets, a child snack tray, and cup holders. The Renegade weighs 40lbs and each seat can accommodate up to 55lbs. 

BOB Gear Renegade Wagon



BOB Gear continues to innovate and provide top-notch adventure strollers for active families. Whether you choose the versatile Revolution Flex, the rugged Alterrain, the premium Alterrain Pro, or the compact and convenient Wayfinder, you can trust that you're getting a reliable and durable stroller designed to handle any terrain. With BOB Gear's commitment to improving their products, the discontinuation of the Rambler in favor of the Wayfinder represents a step forward, offering parents an improved option that caters to their needs and preferences. So, gear up and embark on your next outdoor escapade with confidence, knowing that BOB Gear has you covered!

If you still aren’t sure which BOB Gear Jogging Stroller is your best fit Book a Consultation with our Baby Gear Experts. And for biking parents we just posted a blog comparing the Thule Bike Trailers on our Spilling The Beans Blog! When you’re ready to order we offer free shipping on orders over $99!

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