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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Last tidbits from Kind+Jugend

Last tidbits from Kind+Jugend

We’re almost done with this whole topic. I have a couple of other newsflashes, none that really needed a dedicated post.

Bugaboo is introducing an all-weather wheel package that will offer replacement tires for the front swiveling wheels. These small, pneumatic tires will not swivel, but they will offer much better performance in the snow. They pop on and off quite easily, but folding the stroller with them requires a couple of extra steps.

DoomooI wish… The Doomoo chair is probably the thing I saw in Cologne that I most wish we could have in the US. These microbead-filled baby seats are just so cool. There are some major safety concerns with microbeads and children, and so the company probably has a long road ahead to get these approved for use in the US, but when they get here, they’ll be a hit.

Now this was interesting. An Israeli company called Green Lullaby was showing a line of “recyclable living solutions” which were basically toys and furniture constructed from cardboard. What a neat idea, but would you put your baby to sleep in a cardboard box?

Bloom Baby looks like they are positioning themselves for a launch in the US. They’ve got yet another very cool modern high chair, and some other interesting products. There’s just a placeholder website up right now, but watch that space.

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