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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
L’oved Baby = good karma

L’oved Baby = good karma


This is a story of paying it forward. This past September, I was in Las Vegas for the ABC Show with a 5-week old infant. I was seriously ill with,  I would later learn, Crohn’s Disease. I was trudging through the convention center, completely miserable and exhausted, trying to take care of both myself and my baby while still seeing as much of the show as I could manage.

As a (somewhat) seasoned mom, I had learned to anticipate the kinds of diaper disasters common with newborn babies. So my diaper bag was packed with not just one, but two extra outfits. But on Day 2 of the show, we had 3 diaper blowouts. So there I was, baby stripped down to his diaper, the last clean outfit soiled searching for the nearest good Samaritan.

I lucked out when I rounded the corner and found the L’oved Baby booth. Without hesitation, and knowing full well that we don’t sell clothing at Magic Beans, owner Sharon Oved outfitted Zev in a clean, new sleeper and hat. That night, I took a closer look at the outfit. The cotton was sublimely soft, the snaps followed an intuitive trail down one leg (rather than the husband-flummoxing Y-configuration favored by so many clothing manufacturers), and the sleeves had fold-over flaps to keep fingernails contained. On the last day, I went back and bought out her supply for Zev.

Fast-forward to the winter, when we were brainstorming some new categories to try in the stores. We were talking about things that are hard to find for parents, and basic cotton baby clothing was on the list. Remembering Sharon’s kindness, and her beautiful clothes, we gave her a call. Now, her clothes are in our stores and the response has been phenomenal. We are also carrying a large selection of L’oved Baby cotton baby basics online. They are reasonably priced, they wash and wear very well, they fit beautifully and they look cute. Keep in mind, though, the sizing runs small.

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