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Jogging stroller road test! How do the Bugaboo Runner and the BOB Flex perform on an actual run?

Jogging stroller road test! How do the Bugaboo Runner and the BOB Flex perform on an actual run?

bob revolution flex stroller

Ali demonstrates the BOB Flex.

How do you learn the key differences between two jogging strollers? You jog with them, obviously!

So during work today, I had the chance to take both the Bugaboo Runner Jogging Stroller and the Bob Revolution FLEX Jogging Stroller on a run. Needless to say I was pumped. I love running and working out, and was really interested to see how they fared jogging, running, and sprinting.

I tried the Runner first, and discovered that it was easiest for me to guide and maneuver. Maybe its because I’m on the shorter side (5’4″) and don’t have a ton of leverage, but regardless, the minimalist frame was much easier to guide where I wanted it to go. Because of the locked front wheel (a necessity for jogging, making it easier to zoom straight ahead while you run), I had to lean slightly on the handlebar to lift the front wheel when going around turns. On the Bugaboo it was much easier to do this than the BOB. Not that I had much trouble with either, but I forgot about focusing on maneuvering the stroller itself and could focus more on my run with the Bugaboo.
I could also see more of what was in front of me with the Bugaboo because of the smaller and more simple frame. This was REALLY surprising because I love the BOB – don’t we all?

Takehome message: The Bugaboo Runner jogging stroller is a top pick for shorter parents! It’s also lighter and easier to maneuver, if that’s your top priority with a jogger. (And, if you already have another Bugaboo stroller, you can just buy the Runner Jogging Extension Frame!)

Bugaboo runner jogging stroller

A run with the Runner.

However, the BOB’s superb durability and enormous sturdiness is a big plus on a run. Although the Bugaboo was easier to guide, I felt like my baby (Chester aka the Brookline Store baby) was super secure in the BOB, because it’s a tank. I felt like I could train heavily on it and it wouldn’t slowly break down. Not that the Bugaboo is in any danger of falling to pieces mid-run (Bugaboos are built to last!), but if I were training heavily every day, running for miles on end, I’d like a less minimal-feeling frame. The Bob felt more sturdy and secure, even if it lacked the lightness of the Bugaboo. It was still light and easy as a jogger should be, just not as easy to zoom around Brookline in a full on run. It also took a sprint much better!

Takehome message: If you want to feel like your baby is super secure, BOB is for you! Also great for really serious athletes who will be putting many miles on it, and/or sprinting.

It was really fun to run with both of these strollers (despite the stares I got running around Brookline with a fake baby!). Either one will be a great choice for running moms and dads – so as usual, the decision is going to come down to how it feels to you. Come on over to our stores and give these strollers a test drive!


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