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Itzbeen a good idea

Itzbeen a good idea

ItzbeenThe new Itzbeen baby timer has arrived. This clever little device was invented by Greg Sheldon, an engineer turned stay-at-home dad who found that he and his wife were constantly struggling to remember how much time had elapsed between feedings, diaper changes, naps, medication doses, etc. So he created a computer program to track all of these mundane but essential daily milestones, and then he found it to be so useful, he thought he could parlay it into a product.

The Itzbeen timer is like a stopwatch on steriods. There are four timers, one for feeding, one for diapers, one for sleep and a bonus timer for whatever else you need to track. Each timer can be quickly reset to zero at the touch of a button, and optional alarms can help you remember to wake the baby at feeding time. There’s also a clock and a nursing reminder that tracks which side the baby fed on last, not to mention a built-in flashlight (they did think of everything, didn’t they?). In fact, the entire display lights up, to ensure that parents can count on Itzbeen when they need it most – in the middle of the night.

Anyone who has already experienced post-partum amnesia will recognize the great promise of the Itzbeen. And if you haven’t been there yet, take my word for it – this should be one great little piece of gear. You can find the company’s website at

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