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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans

It’s Raining It’s Pouring.

rainHere’s hoping everyone had a wonderful holiday season!

For my family here in Jerusalem, Chanukah was celebrated in a city glowing with candles. Menorahs were kindled everywhere. Inside and outside, through windows and in courtyards, the nights were alight.

And as the eighth-day of light came to a close, and as the last candle burned out, that’s when “they” came. The rains. The pouring sheets of cold-to-the-marrow can’t shake it off, rain.

Out came the rain shield! Stored under the Micralite is a compact circular pouch. Open it up and out pops the convenient rain cover. Unless you’re an origami expert you may have a bit of trouble putting the shield back into the bag, but considering most stroller companies do not even offer (let alone include) a satchel for the rain shield, one must accept the gift graciously. Either take a few minutes to fold up the shield properly or throw it in your closet until next time it rains. Either way, the rain shield is a must have.

Easier to put on then any other I have tried, the Micralite rain shield includes two elastic bands that slip over the handlebars. Pull the cover over the stroller and whallah! Done deal. (Ease is important if you, like myself, have been caught outside in the rain [sprinkles quickly becoming showers] fiddling with the darn confusing how-does-this-thing-work-again shield. By the time I have the shield over baby, both of us are wet. Yes, simple mechanics = a good thing!)

If all my wishes came true? I would ask for a slightly longer shield. Occasionally I witnessed baby-bop’s shoes peeking out of the bottom of the shield. (A common issue for smaller strollers.) A quick tug takes care of the “problem” and on we march.

So, dry baby and dry-ish mommy are walking in a downpour running late for playgroup. One handed maneuvering! I can carry an umbrella!! And although I’m slipping and sliding on the slick stone sidewalks and steep ramps, the Micralite wheels are firm on the ground keeping both the stroller, and mom, steady.

Oh. And later that night, when the rain turned to slush, then snow (Snow! In Jerusalem!) the stroller continued firm to the ground. Traction, A+.

And so as bedtime approaches, baby ever-dry and cozy snuggled in the crib, we hang the shield by the fire to dry. (Oops! Did I say “fire” as in fireplace?) Rewind.

And so as bedtime approaches, baby ever-dry and cozy snuggled in the crib, we hang the shield by the teeny-tiny portable space heater to dry, as mommy squeezes out her cold drenched socks.

Dear Micralite,

Great product concept . . .
How about a waterproof, heated space suit for the parents?

Always gratefully yours,


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