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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
It’s here! Introducing the Bugaboo Fox Stroller

It’s here! Introducing the Bugaboo Fox Stroller

Introducing the Bugaboo Fox Stroller 2018!

Bugaboo Strollers have devoted fans in parents around the globe. But what’s trending for parents in America might not necessarily be a slam dunk for families in Europe, Asia, and so forth. Different areas (fascinatingly) have different visions of their perfect stroller. The newest ‘boo really hits the mark for US parents, and we’re so excited to show it to you. Meet the Bugaboo Fox! It’s not an upgrade or a special edition — it’s an entirely new Bugaboo Stroller! The Fox takes your must-have stroller features and packs them into a gorgeous and lightweight model.

Weight and Wheels: The Bugaboo Fox is pretty fabulous on its own, but its 21.8-pound weight (chassis + seat frame) makes it even more impressive.  And that weight also includes its large, all-terrain wheels (8.5″ front wheels and 12″ rear wheels) with an excellent suspension system. Lots of parents were fans of the Bugaboo Buffalo’s large wheels, but they weren’t so pumped about the strollers heavier weight. The Fox gives you that same high-performance experience but in a lighter package.

One-piece fold: Enjoy a standing, one-piece fold with the Fox. This feature, coupled with its light weight, is especially exciting for families that live in walk-ups.

Higher weight limit: All current Bugaboo Strollers have a weight limit of 37.5lbs, except for the Fox! The stroller seat can hold children up to 48.5lbs, which, in terms of weight limit, makes it more competitive with the Nuna Mixx, UPPAbaby Vista, and Cybex Priam.

Eco-friendly fabrics: In an effort towards becoming a more sustainable manufacturer, all fabrics on the Bugaboo Fox are made with recycled materials — plastic water bottles to be exact! The melange fabrics are 50% made of recycled materials, while all other colors are 100%.


Maybe the Fox is your top pick from the get-go, but maybe another option makes you a bit overwhelmed. Call our gear experts at (866) 600-2326 or send all your questions to We’re excited to help you find your ‘boo.

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