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Introducing the new Nuna Jett Collection! New styles for the Mixx & Pipa

Introducing the new Nuna Jett Collection! New styles for the Mixx & Pipa

nuna jett collection travel system

Here at Magic Beans, we’ve always favored really clean, modern style in our baby gear, typified by Bugaboo and Clek – brands with a look that’s minimal but unmistakably theirs. Nuna has always done a great job designing baby products with an understated but unique look: for instance, nothing else on earth looks like a Nuna Leaf Floating Baby Lounger! So we’re always excited to see what new looks their design team will come up with next.

The Nuna Jett Collection carries on this tradition with subtle and beautiful details that elevate each piece from the everyday:

  • The Nuna Jett Collection Mixx Stroller: Features a luxe hand-sewn leather-look arm bar and push bar, plus hand-picked tweed textiles, a dark matte frame with metallic accents, chrome-accented wheels, and a “twice as nice” canopy with double quilted stitchwork on the inside.
  • The Nuna Jett Collection Pipa Infant Car Seat: The Pipa in Jett pairs perfectly with the Mixx with matching tweed in cool grey and bold black.

nuna jett bassinet on frameThe special edition Nuna Jett Collection Mixx Stroller also comes with a custom stroller bassinet, which clicks onto the Mixx stroller’s frame the same way as the seat does! The exclusive bassinet has a matching leather-look carry handle and matching fabrics, as well as a Dream Drape, an oversized UPF 50+ canopy with a flip-out eyeshade, integrated ventilation panels, a top cover that attaches with quick-release magnets, non-slip feet, and a storage pocket. It’s sleep-safe too, so your baby can snooze in your Mixx bassinet at home and abroad – no need to pack an extra travel crib!

We’re offering the Nuna Mixx Collection in three possible packages for you to mix(x) and match:

This stunning collection is available for order now at, so… what are you waiting for? Get ready to JETT!


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