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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Introducing the Bugaboo Turtle Infant Car Seat 2019 | Welcome to the family!

Introducing the Bugaboo Turtle Infant Car Seat 2019 | Welcome to the family!

Bugaboo Turtle infant car seat

Welcome to the family, Bugaboo Turtle!

After much speculation, Bugaboo has finally announced their infant car seat, the Turtle, in partnership with Nuna!

Bugaboo strollers have long been considered top-of-the-line strollers, engineered from the ground up, since their conception in 1996 (their Frog was first brought into the US in 2002 thanks to a little show you might have heard of: Sex and the City—no joke, American Bugaboo owners can thank Sarah Jessica Parker for their stroller). But during the last two decades, one (American) question has been asked over and over: Does Bugaboo make a car seat?

The answer is: Yes, sorta! A few years ago, a little car seat that could, which goes by the name Pipa, came on the market and has since dominated infant car seats. Nuna, the brand behind the light, easy-to-use infant car seat, has expanded their family to include more car seats, strollers, travel cribs, and more. They have also branched out and worked with other companies—most importantly, Bugaboo.

The Bugaboo Turtle will look familiar to anyone who has spent even a few minutes browsing our infant car seat collection. It looks almost identical to the Nuna Pipa! There are a few key differences, and we will break those down as well as outline why someone would choose the Turtle over the Pipa (or vice versa).

First: the branding. Bugaboo has three circles interlaid on the back of their canopies—a signifier of the Bugaboo brand. These same circle make their appearance on the Turtle, which means it will be smoothly incorporated onto your Bugaboo stroller. And don’t worry, the fabrics used are flame retardant free AND it still has the beloved Dream Canopy.

Second: the colors. Bugaboo has had a little visual trick up their sleeve for the last 20-odd years—anything WHITE has a function. The buttons that fold, recline the seat, and even remove the tires are all white. They have done the same thing with the Turtle. The buttons to remove it from the stroller, remove it from the base, and even to adjust the handle are all white. Again, this will make the whole look VERY Bugaboo.

Third: the adapters. They’re already attached. The kicker? At the moment, the Bugaboo Turtle only works with the Bugaboo Fox. These adapters also add little weight to the car seat. While the original Pipa comes in at 8lbs, the Turtle is 8.8lbs.

So why would someone choose the Turtle over the Pipa?

At Magic Beans, we highly recommend falling in love with your stroller first—you’ll be using this the longest—and then finding the right car seat for you, including its compatibility to the stroller you have picked out. If you’ve fallen for the Fox (and why wouldn’t you!), it’s a no-brainer to go with the Turtle. It’s still a light, easy-to-use car seat, and you’ll never have to worry about adapters. You’ll just pop the car seat onto the stroller frame and away you stroll.

If you’ve fallen for another Bugaboo stroller, or even a non-Bugaboo stroller, you’ll want to stick with the Pipa + an adapter. The Pipa works on almost all strollers we carry with an adapter (some easier than others) and it is by far the favorite infant car seat among Magic Beans staff. Side note: I had my sister in Indiana get one for her newest arrival(s) and all the nurses couldn’t get over how neat it was and peppered her with tons of questions.

We think the Bugaboo Turtle Infant Car Seat is a great option for those looking to join the Bugaboo Family with the Fox—it’s a no-brainer travel system, the first one Bugaboo has offered. We’re excited to have it on our floors for you to play with soon!

Nuna Pipa:

  • Weight: 8lbs
  • Adapters: ~$49, match with stroller brand
  • Materials: Flame retardant free (2019 and newer)
  • Colors: Birch, Frost, Granite, Caviar
  • Dream Canopy: Yes!
  • Can I Install Without the Base?: Yes!
  • Price: $299.95 + adapter (unless you’re going with any Nuna stroller)
  • Available: Now

Bugaboo Turtle:

  • Weight: 8.8lbs
  • Adapters: attached to the car seat, only works with Bugaboo Fox
  • Materials: Flame retardant free
  • Dream Canopy: Yes!
  • Can I Install Without the Base?: Yes!
  • Colors: Black
  • Price: $349.95
  • Available: Taking preorders now, available June 2019

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