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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Introducing the 2021 Nuna TRIV & Bassinet!

Introducing the 2021 Nuna TRIV & Bassinet!

Far too often, when people strive for the “best of both worlds'' they fall short. Midsize strollers are a common manifestation of this issue. In theory, a midsize stroller should give you the portability and ease of storage that a travel stroller would provide, while also giving you a heavier stroller’s durability and ability to take on any terrain. In practice, midsize strollers are often either too heavy to deliver on the promise of lighter weight, or too flimsy to handle well across different types of terrain. Sometimes, they’re both at once. The perfect midsize stroller seemed, for a long time, like an impossibility. Enter the Nuna TRIV.

Nuna took it upon themselves to create a midsize stroller that refused to compromise. Their lightest stroller yet, able to fold up to a fraction of its size, also comes equipped with puncture-proof wheels and an all-wheel suspension system. It is the dream of the ideal midsize stroller, come true. Whether you’ve never heard of the TRIV before or are being reintroduced to an old friend, stick around to hear exactly what makes the TRIV as special as it is. 

Looking at the TRIV briefly, you could easily mistake it for a travel stroller. It is Nuna’s lightest stroller, weighing in at 19.4 lbs! Despite its light frame, the TRIV has an impressive weight limit of 50 lbs, with an additional 10 lbs of capacity in its storage basket. For ease of transportation, the TRIV folds down to a fraction of its size, and it has a convenient carry handle while folded! 

A common complaint with lightweight strollers is that they tend to feel flimsy and unwieldy to push, especially on uneven ground. The TRIV solves that issue with an all-wheel suspension system, letting each tire move up and down on its own to easily adjust itself, letting you take it wherever you want with ease! For an even more comfortable push, the TRIV has a telescopic leatherette handlebar and high-performance EVA foam wheels with a puncture-proof rubber exterior. The wheels masterfully absorb impacts, keeping you on the go without interruption.


The Nuna TRIV has a luxurious leatherette handle to make pushing as pleasant as possible!

We’ve just outlined what makes the TRIV comfortable for the pusher, but how about the rider? Unsurprisingly, the TRIV excels there as well. The toddler seat is fully reclinable and has a soft merino wool insert that is removable, making the stroller easier to clean. When hot weather arrives, remove the insert to reveal a comfortable, breathable mesh seat back that’s built to prevent overheating. Also, all of the features we talked about earlier, like the suspension system and shock absorption technology, do just as much to keep the rider comfortable as it does the person pushing it. The stroller seat has a spacious UPF 50+ canopy with three mesh windows for ventilation. The canopy is also waterproof, so rain will roll right off!


The TRIV is great for newborns too! For starters, the TRIV is fully compatible with the Nuna PIPA car seat series. The included ring adapter installs in a flash and folds up with the rest of the stroller for extra convenience. This design allows you to fold the TRIV up in seconds with only one hand, without needing to take off the ring adapter first! Say goodbye to the stressful experience of fumbling with the adapter, and simply fold it up! This design is thoughtful so you can think less. After all, every bit of brain power counts when it comes to parenting!

Designed just for newborns is the new addition to the TRIV, the long-requested bassinet! The bassinet allows newborns to lie completely flat, assisting in healthy neck and spine development while providing a comfortable and smooth ride. The new Nuna TRIV bassinet is built with a unique mechanism that allows it to collapse with ease. Bassinets can be bulky and difficult to store, but not this one! Also, the bassinet’s post adapter folds up with the rest of the stroller, just like the ring adapter! 

The new Nuna TRIV bassinet in Caviar

Shop the 2021 Nuna TRIV and tons of other great products at! We are here to answer any and all baby gear questions, so don’t hesitate to book a virtual consultation with us here, or call us at 1-866-600-BEAN (2326)!

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Magic Beans - August 5, 2022

Hi Teri! Nuna is working on improvements for their bassinets so they haven’t been putting out new stock. They haven’t given us an update yet as to when we can expect the new bassinets to be available unfortunately! I wish we had a better answer for you.

Teri - August 5, 2022

Do you know anything about the Nuna Triv bassinet being discontinued? I just bought the stroller and car seat with the expectation that there was a bassinet, but I can’t find the bassinet anywhere. Why would Nuna not be forthcoming about this?
Thank you for your information.

Vik Devie - August 9, 2022

When is the Triv Bassinet expected to be back in stock?

Rabia Kapila - August 9, 2022

Is the Triv bassinet compatible with nuna mixx bassinet stand?

Jennifer Barcinas - December 7, 2021

Do you sale the bassinet by itself? I bought the Triv earlier this year before the bassinet came out and I would really like to purchase a bassinet

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