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Imaginative Children

Imaginative Children

Imaginative Child Let’s Play RestaurantPlaying make believe is one of those sacrosanct rituals of childhood. Kids can entertain themselves for hours, alone or with friends, lost in a world of pretend. Props can vary wildly, depending on what’s available. When I was little, my best friend and I could spend entire days in my basement with nothing but a tape recorder to capture our spirited narratives. But just like good accessories can make an outfit, good props can elevate a make-believe session to a whole new level.

This is the premise behind the new dramatic play boxes from The Imaginative Child. Basically, it’s a big, sturdy plastic bin filled with all the props you could ever need for a particular theme of make-believe. We’re selling the Let’s Play Restaurant kit and the Let’s Play Veterinarian kit, as well as two smaller kits, called “I’m a Star” and “I’m a Doctor.”

We gave our 3-year old the Let’s Play Restaurant kit for Chanukah last night, and to say it was a hit is an understatement. My little one absolutely adored the kid-size apron and chef’s toque. She immediately took to taking orders on the order pad, and adding up our total on the calculator. The kit also includes a sectioned plastic plate, a menu, a salt & pepper shaker, several tupperware containers, plastic cups, a whole bunch of play money, ketchup and mustard bottles, a name tag, napkins and a table cloth (which also doubles as a good superhero cape, as it turns out).  It also includes a CD-ROM with resources for parents.

Overall, I thought the whole kit was beautifully done. They included so many interesting things, and many of them didn’t feel like toys, which is always especially appealing for kids. I also love the container that it comes in – clean-up was a piece of cake, and I can also add new props to the box as inspiration strikes (imagination isn’t limited to the youngest generations, after all).

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