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Holiday Giveaways # 7 – Follow Me Fred

Follow Me Fred

It’s my job to look at a product and know whether or not it will sell. But the truth is, I’m not an oracle. Most of the time, I have a strong inclination one way or another, but it’s rare that I see something and know unquestionably that it will be a success. Follow Me Fred was one of those products. I saw the prototype and knew right away to order a bunch. Trust me, it wasn’t hard.

First time parents are always eager for their babies to crawl (by the second or third time around, you appreciate the lack of mobility a little more. And by you, I mean me). Anything that encourages babies to get moving is a tempting prospect. Fred is especially engaging, with his bright colors, friendly face and rewarding sounds and light. He also has a unique accordion-shaped body that can be bent, so Fred chases his tail (better for babies who don’t move so much) or set straight so he frolics in a straight line (good for crawling babies who like to chase). This year, Tiny Love also introduced Follow Me Fiona as part of their new pink product line. In case you’re wondering, Fred does have an off switch (a prerequisite for any electronic toy in my house).

Follow Me Fred (or Fiona – take your pick) is today’s giveaway. Enter to win.

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