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Holiday Giveaways # 17 – Star Wars Force Trainer

Rumors were flying at Toy Fair. There was a new toy that used the power of your brain waves to make an object move. Awesome. I had to try it. I hunted down the Uncle Milton booth and got on line. Sadly, the Force was not with me and although people before and after me were successful, my addled brain couldn’t get it together. When our sample came over to the office, I was determined to make it work. With all manner of twisted facial expressions and frantic arm movements, I finally coaxed the ball up to level 2. Exhausted, I declared myself a Jedi on Facebook and moved onto other things.

Then, my 7-year-old daughter stopped by. Curious, I asked her to give it a try. She put me to shame, lifting and lowering the ball with ease, and even getting it to go right up to the top of the tube. She’s never seen a Star Wars movie, and has never heard the word “Jedi” in her life. But it didn’t matter. The magic of watching that ball go up and down, knowing that her thoughts alone were controlling it – she was in awe. We had to pry her away with a crowbar. Well, a Kit Kat, actually.

Watch her in action, then enter to win.

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