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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans

Holiday Giveaways # 12 – Knitted Donuts 5-Pack

Knitted Donuts 5-Pack

I have been ogling these knitted donuts at trade shows for several years. Until very recently, the company did not offer any retail packaging, and our stores are not exactly look-but-don’t-touch sorts of places. Beautiful handmade toys sitting unprotected on a shelf is not usually a recipe for success. I was thrilled when I heard that these donuts were now available with boxes, and we decided to include them in our annual catalog.

When the sample arrived at our office for the photo shoot, everyone was so impressed by the quality, the softness and the attention to detail. But even more interesting was the response of the children visiting our office. Over the couple of weeks that we had these sitting out, we had visits from five children ranging in age from 16 months to 7 years old. Without fail, every single one was drawn to these like a magnet. The toddlers loved the tactile experience of holding the donuts and touching the frosting details. The preschooler loved offering one to every person in the office, stacking them up and knocking them down. The school-age kids embraced the make-believe potential while also admiring the cleverness of the designs and the beauty of the craftsmanship.

In other words, this is a great gift that will hold kids’ attention for many years. The donut set comes with 5 donuts and is today’s giveaway. enter to win.

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